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  • Which of the following will enable this candidate to involved quick in regression.

    A New member has joined the testing team of an application which is in version 3.5. Which of the following will enable this candidate to involved quick in regression. 1. By going through existing test cases and previous test execution results. 2. By going through interaction matrix of feature and functionality. 3. By going through performance testing document. 4. By going through all the requirement...

    Anant Chaudhary

    • Mar 14th, 2013

    Person who is recently joined he should go through all the requirement documents (By this he can understand the requirements) then he can pick up the existing test cases and previous test execution (So that he can understand all things clearly).

    Anant Chaudhary


    • Mar 5th, 2013

    By reviewing existing test cases and previous test execution results.

  • Which of the following would you do.

    If you are in the beginning of the project where your role is test the product, you observe that you do not have sufficient details in the requirement specification to start your test design work. Which of the following would you do. 1. Once the initial build is available, explore and learn the details of the product 2. Start designing the test cases with the assumption of the functionality 3. Attempt...


    • Mar 18th, 2013

    if there are no clear requirements specifications to design the test cases u need to discuss with the business analyst and developer and know about the detail functionality involved in that particula...

  • Which of the following will enable this candidate to involved quick in regression

    A New member has joined the testing team of an application which is in version 3.5. Which of the following will enable this candidate to involved quick in regression. 1. By going through existing test cases and previous test execution results. 2. By going through interaction matrix of feature and functionality. 3. By going through performance testing document. 4. By going through all the requirement...


    • Mar 27th, 2013

    Regression testing id done to check the bug fixes/ enhancements effect the existing functionality of the application. If we allocate regression testing to the new team member who don't have an idea on...

  • Which of the following information does it contain that would be most suitable to generate test data

    Data dictionary was created during the requirement analysis stage of a software engineering project.Which of the following information does it contain that would be most suitable to generate test data 1. Names of all data elements that should be stored in persistent storage 2. Names of all classes to be developed 3. Names of all functions to be developed and there prototypes. 4. Names definition and...


    • Mar 29th, 2013

    Here as per customer requirement, we generate the data with the help of design techniques (BVA,ECP)

  • You have a system that can work under XP,98 and OS and IE 6.5, IE 7 and Firefox and .Net 1.0, .Net 2.0 and .Net 3.0 frame work

    You have a system that can work under XP,98 and OS and IE 6.5, IE 7 and Firefox and .Net 1.0, .Net 2.0 and .Net 3.0 frame work How many Test cases will you have if you use All pillar method. 1. 9 2. 27 3. 13 4. 12

  • The metrics of High number of defects re-opened and new defects logged against verified defects during QA

    The metrics of High number of defects re-opened and new defects logged against verified defects during QA 1.Defect report did not carry complete information regarding the defect 2. degree of interaction between the modules are high 3. there are high no of defects in some modules. 4. regression test need to be improved.

  • In which of the instances it not worth of automating the tests

    1. When we just cant do some tests like load and stress manually 2. When we want to reduce test execution time. 3. When product life cycle is short. 4. When test cases have to be run repeatedly

  • Boundary Values

    An input field takes the year of birth between 1900 and 2004. What are the boundary values for testing this field?

  • First Move

    What is tested first when a new system is delivered from the developement?

  • New Bug

    Which of the following is used to determine if no new bugs have been introduced: a) Regressionb) Matrixc) Performanced) Functionale) White Box

  • Performance Testing

    What are the documents required for performance testing?


    • Dec 26th, 2017

    1.Proof of concept
    2.Non functional requirements gathering
    4.Workload module


    • Apr 24th, 2012

    Hi All As name suggests Performance testing is all about the performance of an application. So this performance testing includes 1. How fast the system response, 2. How efficiently we retrieve the ...

  • V Model

    Why V Model is used instead of waterfall and spiral? Explain advantages and disadvantages?

  • Missing Test Cases

    A tester(A) is working on Module 1 and tester(B) is working on Module 2. After sometime manager appoints B to Module 1 and A to Module 2. Now If B sees that some test cases/data are missing. What Should B do?

  • Lab Testing with Limited Resource

    How do you assure the quality of a system that in production is deployed to several large servers so as to scale to thousands of users and handle millions of data points when all you have is a test lab with much more limited resources?

  • Payment Method Testing

    How will you test a payment system? What are the general fields in an online payment system? What are the different methods we can use to test the fields? How is the transaction processed? How will you manage if you want to come back and check if you are providing the details to the secure connection? How do we assure the customer if our payment system is secured?


    • Aug 10th, 2015

    I need details about Payment Gateway functionality, How to test this functionality in manual testing details?

  • Text Area and Text Field

    What is the difference between a text area and a text field?

    Ravi Yadav

    • Apr 29th, 2017

    Text area have parameters row and column while Text field has not any parameter.


    • Jul 29th, 2010

    Text Area allows free form typing in mutiple lines. Mostly this is used where free form texting is required like entering some remarks.Text field accept single line with limitation on max length and the type of input(numeric/alpha numeric)

  • Content Test

    How do you test a content or a description, when the time limit is very less and also how will you test valid test area for a test field.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Who will perform the root cause analysis in the testing team if the team has Test Lead, Test Manager and Team Members?

  • SQL Injection

    How will you test the Log-in fields for SQL injection?What will you put in user / password for testing on security level?

  • Defect Responsibility

    You have released a very complex product to production and customers are complaining that a particular functionality isn't working properly. Your test team had missed a subtle detail that is now producing a backlash from customers. Who is responsible for this oversight? What do you do about it?

  • Root Cause of Defect

    A product has released to production and customers are reporting significant problems with a particular functionality. You investigate the test suite to find a set of related test cases that have been reported as 'Pass'. What are the possible root causes when a defect is found in production and how would you handle each situation?

  • Mission-Critical Defects

    What would you do if you discovered that mission-critical defects had been missed by the test team and are now in production?

  • Test Passes

    What is meant by Test Passes? How many passes are required for Integration testing?

  • Ad-hoc Testing

    Ad-hoc testing is performed when there are no requirements or specifications to draw upon. How well can you discover defects through ad-hoc testing?

  • Testing Difficulty

    Which of the situations below make systems more difficult to test?A. The requirements/specifications are unclear.B. Testers were not involved in the review of the requirements.C. The software provides little information about its internal state.D. The software is so complex, it is difficult to calculate the expected results correctly.E. All of the above.

  • How will you find the bugs if the application is partially running?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Dec 11th, 2009

    Generally, when an application is partially running, it is no longer in a stable state suitable for testing.  Reboot your system (or reinstall a clean image of the build) and attempt to reproduce the issue, paying particular attention to the steps required to get there. Document your findings in a defect report.  Don't forget to include screen shot(s). If error messages are returned by the application during failure, include this in your report.

    If you want to determine the source of the existing defect, then check the Error Logs on the local and/or serving computers.  The error messages in these logs will often describe the nature and source of the problem. Testers can set the Event Filter of this log if they know the event type or session they wish to examine.  Event Details provides an exception stack trace that can be included in the defect report.


    • Jan 15th, 2012

    I have a problem with the question though - Define "partially running". 1) Why would you waste time on testing & troubleshooting something that did not meet the Test Entry Criteria? 2) If the tester ...

  • Website Testing Tool

    Which tool is ideal for website testing in which performance, response time and functionality is required to be tested?

  • Root Cause of Bug

    As a test enginner, How will you find the root cause for the bug that occured in the production or live, which has been already tested and certified.How will you face the situation?

  • Walk Through

    What is Walk Through, Review and Inspection in Testing and Who does these? Explain with example

  • Testing Effort Estimation

    How to estimate testing effort following two cases i.e. 1. If Client having high level requirement only. Ex:100 high level requirement2. If client having prototype of the application only.3. If Client having usecases only.4. If client does have any req or usecases.

  • Fixing of Bugs

    In which phase of SDLC, the fixing of bugs is least expensive?In which phase of SDLC, the fixing of bugs is most expensive?

  • Acceptance Testing

    The main focus of acceptance testing is:a) Finding faults in the systemb) Ensuring that the system is acceptable to all usersc) Testing the system with other systemsd) Testing from a business perspective.


    • Nov 10th, 2014

    Testing from buisness perspective

  • Common Functionality

    Before starting to write a script, How will you find the test cases that have the same functionality? and How will you maintain the code?

  • Test Case Review

    Suppose your colleague has written test cases for a functionality and you are reviewing those test cases, how will you conclude that the test cases were correct?

  • Mis-Communication in Bug

    What will you (Tester) do if there is miscommunication in bugs, Every cycle is Ignored from developer side and Re-Opened from tester Side?

  • Reduce Test Time

    If you were running out of testing time on a project, what activities would you perform to reduce test time?

  • Severe Bug

    What severe bug you raised while testing a web application which you are proud of?

  • Prority for Submodule to Test

    While testing you came to known that submodule C contains 150% more defects that other 6 modules.Submodule A has 60% lesses bugs that expected.what should be strategy:1.Tester should concentrate more on MODULE C because it has more bugs that other modules.2.tester should concentrate more on MODULE A because it has lesses bugs.3.Tester should executive a few tests for Submodule C.4.This much information...

  • Test Camparator

    What does Test comparator tool does:1.Compare expected and actual results.2.Generates data.3.Generate test cases4.None of the above.

  • Unit Test Plan

    Unit Test Plan requires,a. Design docb. Project Planc. Architecture Diagram docd. None of the above

  • Bug Fixing Priority

    Which of these is the most important one to fix first, and why? a. The word "BlackBerry" is misspelled on the startup screen of the application.b. The application always rejects a user's first attempt to launch the application; subsequent attempts are successful.c. The application crashes and brings down the database server when it tries to add a record that contains an uncommon string, "123abc456xyz789".

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    • Member Since Feb-2009 | Mar 25th, 2009

    Priority will be given based on stage of life cycle,

    1) Assume that application is middle stage (I mean to say build is 3rd one and still few more to come) and you are testing the application to accept it (Smoke/sanity Testing) for further testing I would like to give the preference as B, A, C Why I am giving last preference to C is when I am giving uncommon string then the application is getting crash, but as of now we have alternative and that is positive value, so with positive value we can work with the application Next why A is given second preference “black berry” Its company Name, not a simple title of application

    And lastly why I am giving first preference to BI am not able to launch the application in first attempt then it is a major issue, while accepting the build (smoke/sanity testing) if you are not able to launch then definitely we will reject the build.

    2) Assume application is completed and ready for use, then also I will give B, A, C Let me tell you in general way, Suppose you are a customer and interested to purchase Blackberry mobile and if it is not launching in first attempt, do you purchase that piece, no one will purchase, and coming second one company Label, Company goodwill is linked to it, and with this mistakes goodwill will be degraded so second preference, and coming to last one we have an alternative and that is we can give positive values with which that particular functionality will work Please correct me if I am wrong.


    • Jun 30th, 2016

    Bug is fixed according to its priority i.e
    1) Very High: Immediate fix needed, block further testing.
    2) High: Must get fixed before the product is released.
    3) Medium: Should fix if time permits.
    4) Low: Would like to fix but can be released as it is.


    • Nov 29th, 2015

    I hope that the following ans is helpful... 1) In these scenarios first we have to fix B, why because with out lancing of the application we cant do anything. 2) Secondly we have to fix A. why becau...

  • Test Item Tree

    Test item tree helps to determine the risk for every component in the application. What is Test item tree? Can you provide an example that helps to create a test item tree?

  • Game Testing

    There is game which has 20 levels. Only an expert can reach the 20the level. If you, as a tester, can play the game only upto 12th level then how will you test the game at 20th level?

    Gaurav Parsewar

    • Sep 25th, 2017

    I would request to the developer to give me temporary access to the full game for testing purpose after the completion of testing again i request to the developer to remove that temporary access.

    Durga Madhaba Nayak

    • Sep 9th, 2017

    No doubt about that you can use debug or cheat code to reach that level. But the best option is that you should ask the developer about the play through. Because you could not be sure even if you find the defect on that level by using debug mode.

  • Bug Triage

    What is Bug Triage? What is its use in the testing process? How it is done?

  • Printer Crash

    Give 5 reasons as to why a printer would crash while printing 999th page.

  • Select Recording Mode

    How do we decide as to which recording mode from Context Recording (Normal), Analog Recording or Low Level Recording do we select for an application? What is uniqueness in each recording mode?

  • Separate Test Plans

    Select a reason that does not support the idea of using separate test plans for test subprojects that are distinct in one or more ways:a. Different resourcesb. Different time periodsc. Different methodologiesd. Different objectivese. Different audiences


    • Oct 25th, 2013


  • Design Stage Testing

    Testing during the design stage involves:a. Examining the design documentsb. Reading drafts of the planning documentsc. Acceptance or qualification testingd. None of the above

  • HTML Injection

    What is HTML injection and how it is related with security testing? How one tester can test for HTML injection?

  • Retesting a Defect

    Why it is important to thoroughly retest a defect after it has been reported fixed?How will you do that?


    • Jun 3rd, 2014

    Defect I booked when a particular test case functionality fails i.e difference in actual & expected results.Re testing the defect takes place when a bug is fixed by the technical person or functional person as per the situation....

  • Not Reproducable Bug

    What do you do if the bug that you found is not accepted by the developers and hence saying it is not reproducable?

  • Regression Testing Step

    There are 100 test cases and you got a bug at 85th test reported to developers and developers fixed that bug. When you are doing regression testing, from which test case you will do testing? will you start from 85th test case or you will execute 100 test cases?

  • Testing Execution without Test Cases

    Based on test scenarios is it possible to test execution without having test cases? Explain

    sai chaithany mummareddy

    • Dec 11th, 2017

    Yes we can test the application without having Test cases, it is through Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing..But without test cases RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) is not possible. So it is always a good practice to write test cases.

  • Test for Integration of Two Systems

    You have system A and system B. System A send System B a text file. We need to verify that System B has received this text file in full and validate its contens ?How do we do this ?

  • Defect Retest

    Why is it important to thoroughly retest a defect after it has been reported fixed? How will you do that?

  • Defect Migration

    "Defect Migration" means that error is early project documents lead to errors in later documents. For example, an incorrect requirement leads to an incorrect set of speacifications, which leads to design errors, which leads to coding errors, which lead to failures when we test against user expectations.a. How will you prevent Defect Migration?b. Why do you think preventing Defect Migration is important?

  • Appropriate Bug Value

    How many bugs occured will be considerd appropriate over 1000 steps when inspecting software? Describle an approriate Bug value.

  • Test Strategy

    What are the main contents will take in to consideration while preparing a test strategy for an application which has different technologies used, like in the same application one component is using PowerBuilder and the other component is using which also has Cognos tool used for BI.?

  • Are systems or applications available to manage software testing?

    It's commonly known that software testing is an important part of software development process. Lot of team members could be involved in the testing process and team members could be spread across different locations... may be different countries. In such cases how is the show managed? How do team members keep track of bugs and corrections and reports and progress made? Do companies use special softwares...

  • Test cases for Mandatory Fields

    A Page/Form has 4 Mandatory fields to be entered before you Submit.How many no. of test cases are required to verify this?And What are they?


    • Jun 14th, 2017

    Approach is checking with all the 4 mandatory fields and then missing one of the field respectively like give 3 fields and miss one field and giving 2 fields and missing 2 and giving 1 field and missing the other 3 fields.


    • Jun 14th, 2017

    What kind of testing is this? Can I know the name? because there are many kind of testing

  • Testing Production Issues

    Say you are working on a release and productions issues occur that are in need of a fast fix, test and deployment back into the production environment.How would you handle that

  • New Bug and Open Bug

    What is the difference between New and Open bug? Who is responsible for changing the phase of bug from New to Open?

  • Black-box Testing Categories

    Black-box testing attempts to find errors in which of the following categories Option 1 Incorrect or missing functions Option 2 Interface errors Option 3 Performance errors Option 4 All of the above

  • Partition Testing

    Which of these techniques is not useful for partition testing at the class level Option 1 attribute-based partitioning Option 2 category-based partitioning Option 3 equivalence class partitioning Option 4 state-based partitioning

    Milan Ghori

    • May 10th, 2015

    Option 3

  • Fish Model

    what is fish model in detail?


    • Aug 11th, 2016

    Fish model is nothing but to know the root cause and find the probabale causes

    N Sai sumanth

    • Aug 3rd, 2016

    Fish model was invented by Prof Pusuluri Nageshwar Rao.

  • Security Tools

    A Web online specialty company has a online website and they want to you test. What sort of security tools or security need is required for a Test Analyst when he does testing?

  • Software Security

    1.What do you see as the most critical and current threats effecting Internet accessible websites?2. What online resources do you use to keep abreast of web security issues? Can you give an example of a recent web security vulnerability or threat?any one please urgent need short but direct answers please!!!!!!! thanks

  • difference between alpha Testing and beta testing

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    • Member Since Jul-2008 | Jul 17th, 2008

    If the project or product is developed for multiple customers, acceptance testing will be conducted in two phases called Alpha and Beta testing.

    Alpha:  Acceptance testing conducted by the customer  in the developed environment.

    This testing will be conducted to identify all the potential issues before releasing it(product/project) to the customers.

    Beta: Acceptance testing conducted by the multiple customers in the customer environment.

    Alpha and beta always prefered for the products.

    Correct me if im wrong.


    • Oct 25th, 2017

    Not correct exactly Alpha testing is final Testing befor the S/W is realeased to the general public. It has two phase First Phase Alpha Testing: S/W is tested by developers. They use either debug...


    • Jul 17th, 2014

    Alpha Testing Beta Testing (Field Testing) 1. It is always performed by the developers at the software development site. 1. It is always performed by the customers at their own site. 2. S...

  • How do you test when No time

    There is a new build and you have not much time left behind to test(manual test), what will you do? (apart from prioritizing functionalities..... risk analysis, what other answers are valid approaches to this interview question?


    • Nov 6th, 2014

    It is too late but still we cant perform adhoc testing when time is less, as it requires different approaches for testing the application to find bug, to increase the bug count. So for testing an appl...


    • Aug 31st, 2014

    If there no sufficient time to test the application then immediately we will go for exploratory testing...

    Exploratory testing is dynamic testing type and it tests the entire application simultaneously while creating test design and test execution is possible.

  • Functional Testing Question

    Hi,can any one answer me the following question? I have three text fields, one should accept a string as input, second text box should accept a float as input and the third text box is for output. the output should be an integer. what are the possible test cases we can write for the above functionality?My answer: 1.verify that the first field is accepting string.2.verify that the first field is not...

  • SDLC models testing

    how we will test SDLC models in manual testing


    • Jul 19th, 2009

    SDLC models testing is considered to be as a static test conducted for the selection of the SDLC model among all the models available and applicable with respect to current project. Selection process of the models is considered to be as SDLC models testing.

  • Security Code

    What is main use of Security Code when we register ourself in any website or start downloading something.

  • If Client Given The 3 Lines of requirements in that case how to write test cases if the application still in the development phase


    • Sep 5th, 2012

    First I get the details through walk through after got the three lines of requirement and involve with BA and devolopers for full details.

  • Test an application logging with 1000 users simultaneously

    Assume 1000 users logging into the application at same time but in different time zones, so how will you do performance testing for all the 1000 users who are logged into the application?Example:Consider a bank ATM where you need to do performance testing for 1000 users logging into the ATM at 9:00 AM and withdrawing cash but they are in different time zones? How will you test this scenario?

  • Testing Process

    How to implement testing process without having Requirement document?


    • Aug 8th, 2012

    There will not be any testing process without the requirement. so we cant implement the testing process without the requirement.