Test Case using manual Parametrization

Give an example of Test Case using manual Parametrization. Explain one scenario

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  • Jul 28th, 2008

Parametrization-Whenever we want to test a single fuctionality with multiple sets of values we go for paremeterisation.
In case of manually parameterisation can be done by using hyperlink (in excel sheet) we can give some set of data manually which have to be tested.


  • Dec 8th, 2008

The process of testing single fuctionality with multiple sets of data is said as paremeterisation.

A simple example can be login 

To test login functionality, the list of data can be exhaustive.
But for manual parameterization, some sets could be selected, such as few valid / invalid data etc

Valid data:
Test login functionality of Gmail, with ur Gmail Id
Invalid data:
Test login functionality of Gmail, with ur Yahoo Id
Test login functionality of Gmail, with some junk data like only numbers, special characters, unregistered Email IDs etc

Scenario: For a Job site user is going to register and fill the details in 4 steps(4page), Registration, Job Seeker Information, Work Experience, Resume Information and check the user is registered with following details.

For all the 4 steps (pages), mandatory fields are generalized and entered in the Excel Sheet(Test Data Column). for the multiple sets of Test data(valid/invalid) make effective testing

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