What are all the different types of recording available in WinRunner

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  • Nov 10th, 2006

in winrunner allows to recoding 2 types

1) contex senctive mode

2) analog mode

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  • Nov 14th, 2006

The types of recording Modes available in win runner are the following

Context Sensitive Mode.

Analog Mode.

Record Mode.

Pass up.

sudhakar kolla,

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  • Nov 23rd, 2006

The different types of recording modes:

1. Record

2. Pass-up

3. As Object

4. Ignore

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subhra ranjan pal

  • Dec 1st, 2006

There are four type of recording modes and two type of recording methods.

modes are

1  Record

2. Pass-up

3. As Object

4. Ignore

And methods are

1 Context Sensitive

2 Analog

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  • Dec 12th, 2006

hey Guys,

Could you please elaborate your answers in details..

wat does we mean by each recording modes and methods?


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  • Jan 8th, 2007

Analog Recording Mode : Winrunner records all mouse clicks, key boards presses and mouse traverse poin with respect to X and Y co ordination

Context sensitive recording mode : Winrunner records all operations that we performed on the graphical user interface application.

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