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  • After completing sanity testing which test is done in the testing department?


    • Dec 17th, 2011

    Once the smoke/sanity testing is success, we get into functionality testing. The process of excessively testing, each FR (Functional Request) with all the +ve and -ve test case is called as functiona...


    • Nov 28th, 2011

    Sanity testing always perform by testing team once the application has been deployed in the testing environment from development environment......

  • Ad hoc Testing

    What is the purpose of Ad Hoc Testing in Software Testing?


    • Mar 23rd, 2011

    Generally every company is plans to follow complete and correct procedure in testing. But sometimes companies try to follow informal methods in testing due to lack of time, depends on risk, lack of kn...

  • Regression Testing Test Cases

    On what basis will you select a set of test cases among hundreds for regression testing?


    • Mar 19th, 2011

    Regression testing is to check the dependencies.So we can go to Requirement Tracebility Matrix & check the dependencies & on basis of that we can select the test cases.Moreover if time problem is there then test the test cases which have high priority.Plz do correct me if i m wrong


    • Feb 11th, 2011

    We do regression testing to ensure that any bug fix or change doesnot have any ill effect on other modules.We are not going to execute all the test cases .But only those test cases that are related to...

  • Defect Rejection

    What will you do when developer rejects your defect?

    Piyush Patwa

    • Nov 20th, 2017

    If developer rejects the Bug. Follow the same steps with which the Bug was reproduced earlier. The bug verification should always be performed once before closing the Bug and if you come across the sa...

    B reddy

    • Jul 23rd, 2014

    If the raised defect is not related to that developer he will reject the defect.

  • Object Repository

    What is Object Repository? How many ways it has Categorized? State the Difference? With Example?

  • Bug Status

    You Opened a Defect, for that you got a comment that "Its not a defect, this is according to new changes in requirement, later this point will added in requirement document" What status you will provide for this bug until the requirement update?

  • Requirement Traceability Matrix

    When do we prepare RTM (Requirement traceability matrix), is it before test case designing or after test case designing?


    • May 5th, 2015

    This is nothing but simply matching the requirements with the prepared test cases to ensure that whether the prepared test cases are enough to find the defect or not.... Due to this we can reduce the time allocated for test cases design

    rahul chauhan

    • May 5th, 2015

    Requirements traceability matrix is a table that shows the many to many relationship between requirements and test cases. Each requirement is mapped to one or more test cases. Each test tests one or more requirements

  • Waterfall Model Phases

    Outline the main phases found in the waterfall model and provide evidence that supports this statement in the context of the waterfall when used in practice.

  • Retesting Preparation

    What the things that you need to do after the bug is fixed and before it come for Retesting? How you will make prepare for this scenario?

  • Testing Sequence

    What is testing sequence in Sanity and Smoke Testing? Which will come first?


    • Jul 11th, 2017

    Smoke will come first, once the smoke is performed and we are sure that the build is testable we can perform sanity.


    • Apr 27th, 2017

    Which come first in testing between scenario testing, smoke testing, and regression testing?

  • New Requirement

    When we are performing testing on an application build if at all any new requirement is arrived then how we you proceed?

  • Test Manager

    Does the Test Manager serve his manager or his test team? Discuss your rationale in your answer.

  • Automation Framework

    What are the driving parameters for automation frameworkA) Platform independence and accessB) Security and ChangeC) Both the aboved) None of the above

  • Bug Fixing Priority

    Which of these is the most important one to fix first, and why? a. The word "BlackBerry" is misspelled on the startup screen of the application.b. The application always rejects a user's first attempt to launch the application; subsequent attempts are successful.c. The application crashes and brings down the database server when it tries to add a record that contains an uncommon string, "123abc456xyz789".

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    • Member Since Feb-2009 | Mar 25th, 2009

    Priority will be given based on stage of life cycle,

    1) Assume that application is middle stage (I mean to say build is 3rd one and still few more to come) and you are testing the application to accept it (Smoke/sanity Testing) for further testing I would like to give the preference as B, A, C Why I am giving last preference to C is when I am giving uncommon string then the application is getting crash, but as of now we have alternative and that is positive value, so with positive value we can work with the application Next why A is given second preference “black berry” Its company Name, not a simple title of application

    And lastly why I am giving first preference to BI am not able to launch the application in first attempt then it is a major issue, while accepting the build (smoke/sanity testing) if you are not able to launch then definitely we will reject the build.

    2) Assume application is completed and ready for use, then also I will give B, A, C Let me tell you in general way, Suppose you are a customer and interested to purchase Blackberry mobile and if it is not launching in first attempt, do you purchase that piece, no one will purchase, and coming second one company Label, Company goodwill is linked to it, and with this mistakes goodwill will be degraded so second preference, and coming to last one we have an alternative and that is we can give positive values with which that particular functionality will work Please correct me if I am wrong.


    • Jun 30th, 2016

    Bug is fixed according to its priority i.e
    1) Very High: Immediate fix needed, block further testing.
    2) High: Must get fixed before the product is released.
    3) Medium: Should fix if time permits.
    4) Low: Would like to fix but can be released as it is.


    • Nov 29th, 2015

    I hope that the following ans is helpful... 1) In these scenarios first we have to fix B, why because with out lancing of the application we cant do anything. 2) Secondly we have to fix A. why becau...