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  • AMDOC Placement Paper

    AMDOCSSection: 136 qs,30 min.sample:FGH ``ABC=> + => => =>BAAFG RRQPThen:TUV=> => => =>?VUT SECTION:236qs,20 minsimilar type of qs only boxes of different colours are chosenSECTION:460qsthis is the easiest sectionMATCHMAKING:60 question in 7 minutes.u can attemp all as question is very easy1:AM%:$69match witha: BM%:$69b: AM%:$69->correctc: AM%:69d: AM%:$59section:6Technical test.this is very easy...


    • Feb 10th, 2015

    Hi Freinds, I got call from amdocs for testing profile. First they took 2 round of technical, they asked me about 1. basic testing questions on waht type of testing in ur company, defect, smoke, sini...

  • AMDOCS Questions

    AMDOCSAptitude Questions:-1. How many times minute hand is faster than hour hand Ans:- 12 times2. Age questions. Like A, B, C are sister... Age differences are given between them and you are told to find the age3. Relation questions.( like father-son)4. All A are B, All C are not B There are many of such questions.5. Figurative questions. Like what will be the next in sequence In most...

    Sukhdeep Singh

    • Jul 19th, 2012

    Wat is the number of the masked code ee@?