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There are 2000 testcases, How will you choose testcases for regression purpose?

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*Testing work experience will useful to choose the Test case for Regression.
*Purely Risk Management has to follow for choosing the Test cases.
*selection is up on priority basis. High Prior Test cases needs to execute for fullfledged cycle for the Application flow.
*Test case selection also based on the coverage of the Functionalities.
*Functional blocks to be identify for the most bugs found in the previous cycles and concentration on selecting the Test Cases for Regression.
*Executing the unit test cases makes more Quality on the software.


  • Apr 21st, 2010

Out of 2000 TC to choose the optimum testcases for regression testing the following can be done
To figure out the affected functionalities due to new bugs and then choose the TC's related to those functionalities.
To use techniques like OA-Orthogonal Array which concise the testcases
To use automation tool to test most of the important testcases

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Its simple which are all the test case having fail results or in which test case the bug has appeared these are all to be worked for regression testing

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