Relation between Test Cases, Requirements and Defects

How will you trace the relation between test cases, requirements and defects?

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We can identify the relationship between Test Cases, Requirements and Defects using RTM.

RTM is a technique used for gathering the requirements, which is called as requirement
traceability matrix. Once all the requirements are gathered using the
traceability method mentioned, user can write test cases based on the gathered requirement and mapped these with the requirement which helps the user to know whether all the requirements are covered or not.

Once user is assured that all the requirements are gathered. He/She can execute those test cases and on failing of any test cases he/she can map it with the associated test case, which is further mapped with the requirement.

In the mentioned way user can relate the test cases, requirements and defects with each other.

in Test management tools like Test Director, Quality Center, test cases are directly mapped with requirements and when the defects are raised, those defects will be automatically mapped to requirements.

manually once test cases were written we can map those test cases to requirements in Requirement Traceability Matrix, and when we raise a defect towards a Test Case, in the defect description we have to specify the Test Case No, that how we can map.

correct me if i am wrong. 

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From the requirements testers will prepare test cases so test cases are purely derived from Requirements..

And once if we excute these test cases on the software build we will get some defects..
So defects are detived from the prepared test cases by excuting them on the software build.

Requirements ----> Test Cases ----> Defects

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  • Sep 8th, 2009

You can trace relation between test cases, requirements and defects -
1) When you raise the defect the test case number is available in the defect.  The function name is also available in the defect detail.
2) While writing the test cases the Requirement specification version is mentioned in the test case header part.
The refrence of requirement can be specified in the Test cases.
The refrence of Test case number can be specified in the Defects.

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Here's the relationship between requirements, test cases and defects:  Test cases are authored to test conformance to requirements.  Therefore, any defect found during the execution of a test case indicates nonconformance to a requirement. 

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