Three text boxes are shown .... How you write test cases for it

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        the question is not clear.
i understood the questiom like this.
when the three text box were given  we can write probably the following  test cases,
1.the text box accepting all type os char or not  like  num,char,special chars,......
2.when the  tab key is pressed the cursor is highlighting the next text box.
3when the back space and delete button is pressed the entered text is getting deleted or not.
4the cosmic issues of the text box.

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  • May 11th, 2007

User interface :
 1. Check whether three buttons have been presented
 2.Check the proper spelling

 Field level validation :

 1. Check whether the field are allowing input as per specification 

 Functionality of foam;
 1. after filling this form check the functionalty on what basis the buttons have been prepared

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1. check the size. which should consistent(Height, Width)
2. check the properties of text box(Enabled/disabled)
3. check the max and min characters allowed in the field
4. check the tab order for the follwing text box.
5. check and validate the entered fields according to the requirement(mandatory fields, empty fields, alphnumeric, characters, numeric, mask text etc..)

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