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  • Functional and Usability Defects

    What is meant by functional defects and usability defects in general? Give example.

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    Functional testing refers to tests that verify a specific action or function of an application. Functional testing is performed by testers. Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users.  For example, when a tester finds that a text box is not validating properly, he has discovered a functional defect.  When a user doesn't understand a validation message because it uses technical jargon, this would be considered a usability defect.

    It is a good idea to differentiate where defects originate in order to more practically assess a defect's Severity and Priority and many quality managment systems include a "Where found" field that helps identify the source of a defect as being functional (found by tester) or usability (found by end-user). 

    Some software test teams have extended the definition of usability defect to include any defect that describes a lack of intuitiveness when using an application.