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One man or two women or three boys can do a work in 44 days then one man, one women and one boy together can finish the same work in ---- days

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 3rd, 2005

Answered by: pranav on: Sep 26th, 2014

U guys r forgetting one imp thing... That is .. OR. One man OR 2Women OR 3 boys...  It can one man n 2 women=44days Or 2 women n 3boys = 44days... Or individually ... 24 is not the correct answer.

Answered by: abirami on: Sep 21st, 2014

At first convert man & women into boys.. 1 men=3 boys, 2 women=3 boys,so 3/2 boys,3 boys=3 boys work all together =3/2+1+3=3/2+4=11/2(in boys) take boys alone;according to chain rule,no of workers and...

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A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?(a) 110 men(b)...

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Asked By: senthil | Asked On: Feb 12th, 2006

Answered by: kiransai on: Sep 12th, 2014

Here decrease of men results to increasing in work ie ab=K==>a=K/b ie one increases and the other decreases So for this type of qtns take comparison of 2 eqtns as 10x=(10-x)20==>x=20 men required

Answered by: Kaviya on: Apr 25th, 2014


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Accenture group discussion experience

For group discussionunder group discussion, each team consisted 8 candidates. We were asked to choose a topic of our own interest education system in indiabetting in cricket should legalized or nota discussion on iraq and america war advantages and disadvantages of internet once gd is finished, we...

Asked By: Specialist | Asked On: Mar 2nd, 2006

Answered by: Pravallika Thokala on: Jul 3rd, 2014

Can I know which topics from the verbal and non -verbal to be prepared and which topics from quant

Answered by: Chakrapani siddharth on: Apr 5th, 2008

dear friend....           if u have any gap please dont panic, just be confident and tell what was the reasons for that. But be  sure that they s...

7 answers

How to solve cube problems, like a big cube is divided into 64 smaller cubes. Some sides are painted in blue, red or green. Can you plz. Guide me how to approach these types of problems?

Asked By: Anwesha Chatterjee | Asked On: Nov 12th, 2006

Answered by: rampatel on: Apr 24th, 2014

Verbal Reasoning: Cube & Dice Quantitative Aptitude Test Geometry of Cube A cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six sides, with three meeting at each vertex. It features all right ang...

Answered by: rampatel on: Apr 24th, 2014

This single image can answer your quarries:

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Accenture campus placement gd topics

Asked By: sidhartha panda | Asked On: Aug 7th, 2006

Answered by: Sakshi Chaudhary on: Oct 8th, 2013

Group Discussion is the activity through which exchange of ideas and related opinion takes place for a particular topic. Now a day’s most of the companies are giving preference to make GD as their f...

Answered by: Sabya on: Nov 17th, 2012

need good topics

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Accenture aptitude questions

Preparation suggestions for aptitude objective arithmetic and quantitative aptitude by r.S. Agarwalbe through with these topicsages ratio and proportiontime and distance percentages time and workrace and games1. 8 men and 10 women can do a work in 25 days, the same work can be done by 10 children and...

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Asked By: Dinu | Asked On: Mar 2nd, 2006

Answered by: sudhapriya.c on: Dec 7th, 2012

Let us take pure milk contains 100 litre 20% replaced by water =>100*20/100=20 100-20=80 now 80 litre milk is available Again 20% replaced by water =>80*20/100=16 80-16=64 now 64 litre milk is availa...

Answered by: bharath on: Oct 10th, 2012

10 >ans data is insufficient if L is length of race answer is 25 - (150/L) and it is explained below let L be the length of race and T be the time taken by A to complete race then As...

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In how many ways can a lock be opened if that lock has three digit number lock if i) the last digit is 9ii) and sum of the first two digits is less than or equal to the last digit.Numbers are from 0-9

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Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Aug 23rd, 2005

Answered by: vinoth kumar on: Dec 14th, 2011

Answer is ii) and sum of the first two digits is less than or equal to the last digit. numbers are from 0-9

Answered by: raulharish on: Feb 24th, 2011

009 109 209 309 409 509 609 709 809 909   |019 119 219 319 419 519 619 719 819          |029 129 229 329 429 529 629 729    &...

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There are 76 persons. 53 can read hindu,46 can read times,39 can read deccan and 15 can read all.If 22 can read hindu and deccan and 23 can read deccan and times then what is the number of persons who...


Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Aug 30th, 2005

Answered by: satishp on: Dec 3rd, 2011

Ans:17 Total=d+t+h-dt-th-hd+dth 76=39+46+53-23-22-ht+15 76=108-ht ht=108-76 ht=32 We want only times and hindu,so we subtract the value of all papers read is 15 from ht. so the ans is ...

Answered by: prititripathi on: Feb 25th, 2011

using union law (aubuc)=a+b+c-(anb)-(anc)-(bnc)+(anbnc)



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What is the equivalent compound ratio of 5:6::7:10::6:5

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 9th, 2005

Answered by: satishp on: Dec 2nd, 2011

The ans is 25:21:36

Answered by: kritika on: Sep 26th, 2011

its ratio ll be 25:21:36

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Exact time

A clock was set right at 5 am then it loses 16 minutes every day, on the 4th day when it shows 10 am, what is the exact time.

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Asked By: khansanarehan | Asked On: Aug 24th, 2008

Answered by: ai on: Oct 20th, 2011

i got 10:51:52am 4th day at 5am actual time while the clock time is 4:12 am 10am - 4:12 = 5hours and 48 mins difference so 5 + 5:48 = 10:48:00 actual time every 1.5 hours of difference the clock wil...

Answered by: pinkesh on: Sep 22nd, 2011

10:51:20 am

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In pure milk if 20% replaced by water and in this again 20% is replaced by water and again 20% is replaced by water then what is the proportion of milk in that mixture

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Jul 7th, 2005

Answered by: KRITIKA on: Sep 26th, 2011

answer is 51.2

Answered by: prititripathi on: Feb 25th, 2011

let pure milk b 1oo

so 20 of 100=80
again reducing 20 of 80=64
again reducing 20 of 64=51.2

14 answers

Each of the followed paired numbers have a relationship that's the same for all of the paired numbers. What is the missing number?{4, 100} {7, 111} {8, 1000} {1, 1} {12, 1100} {2, ?}

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Asked By: gsnphani | Asked On: Feb 21st, 2007

Answered by: kritika on: Sep 26th, 2011

answer is 10, binary no.of 2

Answered by: Rishabh on: Sep 6th, 2011

answer will be {2,10} as all the numbers are given in their binary equivalent..

9 answers

Time and distance

While traveling at uniform speed. U read a two digit no. After one hr the number is reversed order. After another hour the number read is same two digit number. What is the average speed?

Asked By: rama_balantrpu | Asked On: Mar 23rd, 2011

Answered by: pinkesh on: Sep 22nd, 2011

50 units/hour

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100 bananas

A man ate 100 bananas in five days, each day eating 6 more than the previous day. How many bananas did he eat on the first day?

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Asked By: umairfaridi | Asked On: Feb 9th, 2009

Answered by: U.MONICA DEVI on: Sep 10th, 2011

he had a chance to eat 76 bananas in first day coz he ate 100 bananas in 5 days n each day he increased his stuff by eating extra 6 day by day

Answered by: rakend raj on: Aug 30th, 2011

8 bananas on the first day..

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Color of blood

1) given that black->blueblue - greengreen - yellowyellow - redred - violetviolet - blackwhat is the color of blood?

Asked By: mathan_randy | Asked On: Nov 26th, 2010

Answered by: gudlu on: Sep 8th, 2011

backtracking from last it is seen that red which is actually the color of the blood is assumed as YELLOW. Therefore the color of the blood is YELLOW.

Answered by: ramya on: Sep 5th, 2011


9 answers

4 wheeler : 2 wheeler - puzzle

In a theatre the ratio of car & two wheeler is 1:8. Total number of tyres are 100. Find how many are cars and how many are two wheelers?

Asked By: Jinesh | Asked On: Mar 2nd, 2006

Answered by: Vasyl, Ukraine on: Sep 7th, 2011

there will be system: 2x + 4y = 100 8y=x where x - amount of bikes; y - amount of cars; 16y + 4y =100 >> 20y=100 >> y =5 (cars) x = 5*8 = 40 (bikes)

Answered by: Dipayan Talapatra on: Sep 2nd, 2011

Wheel ratio= 4:16=1:4 so, cars=100*1/5=20 and bike=100-20=80

32 answers

It has 20 mixutre conatins mil and water in the ratio 3:5,replace 4 litres of mixture with 4 litres of water what is the final ratio of milk and water.

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 2nd, 2005

Answered by: Cyril George Paul on: Sep 7th, 2011

Answer is 3 : 7 Steps: Ratio of Milk : Water =3 : 5 If the Volume of Mixture is 20 Liter then, Volume of milk in the mixture = 7.5 liters Volume of water in the mixture = 12.5 liters Replacing 4...

Answered by: Santosh Pratap on: Sep 6th, 2011

suppose volume of milk = 3x & volume of water=5x so,,, 3x+5x=20....... .. x=2.5 now 4 lit.. of mixture is taken out... then remaining mixture == 16 lit. now mixture becomes 16 lit.... so 3x+5x=16.......

19 answers

How can a cake(circular) be cut into 8 pieces by making just 3 cuts?

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Asked By: reema | Asked On: Jun 13th, 2007

Answered by: Anindiita on: Sep 6th, 2011

At first cut the cake horizontally into two circular pieces.stack one over another.Then make 2 cuts perpendicularly.each of the layers get divided into 4.

Answered by: Erika Mei Mendoza on: Aug 29th, 2011

Make two cuts to divide the cake into 4 (cutting on the diameter of a circular cake, the cuts perpendicular to each other). Now, place the 4 sectors of the cake one over the other. Make a cut such tha...

14 answers

Library reading room spots

In the reading room of a library, they are 23 reading spots. Each reading spot consists of a round table with 9 chairs placed around it. There some readers such that in each occupaid reading spot there are diffirent number of readers. If in all there are 36 readers, how many reading spots do not have...

Asked By: sai krishna v | Asked On: Nov 12th, 2010

Answered by: Shail on: Sep 3rd, 2011

The key here is realizing that the tables that aren't empty each have a DIFFERENT number of readers. There's only one way to do this. The very least number of people you could have at a table is just...

Answered by: Rawjesh on: Nov 21st, 2010

AS, There are some readers such that in each occupied reading spot there are different numbers of readers. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8= 36 readers so, 8 spots have different readers. remaining are 23-8= 15. 1...

2 answers

Cricket score aptitude question

If sachin score 76more than ahzar , and azhar and robin scores sum is 94 and azhar scores 76 less than dravid and dravid score 26 more than robin . What was the total score done in match.

Asked By: nayan mewada | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2006

Answered by: kamaljeet kumar on: Aug 28th, 2011


Answered by: kapil on: Aug 26th, 2011

Total score 290 Azhar score 22 Robin score 72 Dravid score 98 Sachin score 98 Example Azhar+robin=(22+72)=94 Dravid=Robin +26=(72+26)=98 Sachin=Azhar+76=(22+76)=98

28 answers

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