After a bug is found at the Clients place, sent to the Development team for fixing it and then given to the Testing team, What is that type of Testing called?

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  • Nov 19th, 2007

This type of testing is the UAT. This is when the client is testing on the given product.

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While accepting the build, if a bug is found then I can say this type of testing is called as User Acceptance testing(UAT), but what if the user acceptance testing (beta) is over and ofter?1 or 2 months?if the client/end user has detected a defect, then to my knowledge it will comes under Maintanence Testing, and for such kind of defect support?team will develop patch file and test it, and such patches might be a single file or more, which will be replaced with the Original files that had error in source code and re-run the application at client end

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