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1.What do you see as the most critical and current threats effecting Internet accessible websites?
2. What online resources do you use to keep abreast of web security issues? Can you give an example of a recent web security vulnerability or threat?
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Now most of the virus which is directly attacking the controlpanel of the system because it has been writtten like that only so we can put some good antivirus inorder to safeguard the system

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1. Current threats effecting Internet accessible websites:
     a. Targeted phishing
     b. Operating Systems Kernel Vulnerabilities
     c. Client-side vulnerabilities
     d. Web-based worms
     e. Spyware
     f. Targeted File Attachment Attacks
     g. Web-based Botnets
     h. Windows File Format Attacks
     i. Blacklist Defeats
     j. Counter-surveillance

2. No Website is 100% Secure. Prevention is the better way to secure the
website. Security Vulnerability arise on different ways which up on risks. the
Critical risk is attacking the website and stealing the data.

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