Estimate a Bug

How do you estimate the Bug?

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As above said, we can estimate the bugs with past experience and Domain knowledge.

if you have good knowledge on Languages (, java etc), Databases, OS, browsers etc., you can estimate the bugs too, as you will have idea about the advantages and disadvantages of the above langauges or DB etc.

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  • Aug 12th, 2009

What is meant by estimating a bug? Is it forecasting number of bugs to be found on the application under test(before starting the testing)?

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A bug estimate is based on guidelines established for Severity and Priority.  A defect's Severity and Priority levels depend on these factors:

1) It's impact on users
2) Liklihood of occurrence
3) It's perceived value to end-users
4) It's value to your company

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  • Jan 17th, 2010

The bug is prioritized based on the impact of the defect on the application on that module or on the dependent module

e.g If you are not able to create a data which is consumed by the other modules of the applicationr, then it is a business critical bug which needs to be reported with highest severity and priority.

Incase you can able to create a data but you may not be able to print the details of the created account then it can be reported with less priority and severity.

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