Test Case for Text Box

What is the basis on which you can check a text box in a web page or application?

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  • Jun 12th, 2008

Valid Test case for Text Box  
1 It should Editable
2 Height of the Text Box should be 14 inches  ----- valid
3 It label should have Text Name
4 It maximum length should be checked

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1. Physical Location(Place where the Text box is screened(x,y), height, width, length)
2. Number of characters accepted.
3. Should be Editable if it is acquiring the Input.
4. Able to get and lost locus to other object (Tab function)
5. Should be Consistent (if the page more than one text box, all text boxes should be look consistent)

Valid test cases for Text Box are

enable or disable functionality in order to verify whether we can enter the data
Place of Text Box on the screen (x,y coordinates)
Length and width of text box
Allighment of text box with other objects
Cursor focus in text box
Data type acceptance checking
Lenght of data (min and max)
back ground color
Mouse hover functionality


correct me if i am wrong

1.check for tab validation

2.check it accepts alphabets
3.check it accepts specialcharacters
4.check it accepts numbers
5.Check for maximum criteria
6.Check for Entervalidation

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1) Physical properties on page (location, height, width, length)
2) Labels that accompany it (either permanently or upon validation)
2) Number of characters that it accepts
3) Data type(s) that it accepts
4) The format it accepts
5) Initial focus and tab order
6) Mouseover behavior
7) Hidden properties (active only under specific business rules)
8) Editability

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  • Dec 23rd, 2013

it should have max length

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  • Jul 3rd, 2014

check how many letters that text box can accommodate:
CASE1:enter the capital letters and check how many letters that text box can accommodate.

CASE2:enter the small letters and check how many letters that text box can accommodate.

CASE3:enter the combination of letters(small and capital) and check how many letters that text box can accommodate.

CASE4:enter the different languages(other than english such as tamil.hind) and check how many letters that text box can accommodate.

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Anand Tripathi

  • Sep 15th, 2015

Test case to test Text Box:
1. GUI.
2. Text Box Identifier as its suitable head.
3. Accept allowed characters as alphabet, number, special characters or not accept, means test its edit property.
4. Tab, undo-redo, copy-paste feature applicable or not.
5. It save entered data or not.
6. Spell check is active or not for entered text.
7. Its performance, capacity and security (hide character and show only dot).
8. It has or not the default value in case of null.
9. It has any min-max number or type of characters criteria or constraints.
10. Hover is active or not when we move pointer over it.

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  • Feb 5th, 2016

1. Text box have 14 inch height.
2. Text box should be alignment properly.
3. Check length of the values.

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  • Jun 1st, 2017

It Should be able to use
It Should be editable
It Should be Accept alpha numeric character
It should be Accept Numbers
Check Size Of Textbox
Check Size of text

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  • May 28th, 2018

1. Able to add/edit text
2. Cursor position
3. Should accept number and characters
4. If applicable can accepts special characters
5. Mention required and non required indication with error message.
6. Maximum acceptable characters in text box

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