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You have released a very complex product to production and customers are complaining that a particular functionality isn't working properly. Your test team had missed a subtle detail that is now producing a backlash from customers. Who is responsible for this oversight? What do you do about it?

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Your Question is who is responsible for this defect? First it should analyze that it is a real defect or not. If the Defect exists as my opinion, whole team is responsible for this defect.If a Tester missed that functionality and Test Coverage, How the TM,TL missed the Track. First Step is to close the Defect as early as possible, analyze the Defect and provide the Scenarios and Test Steps for the Developer. High Priority is given to this Defect and close the fix as early. Retest and regression for the functionality again with Testcase execution and ensure there is no more defect. Propably Run the Test Cycle once again and inserted the patches in to the Final release. Take necessary steps to avaoid this kind of defects. Defect cause, condtion and the details are documented(Process Improvement)


  • Apr 23rd, 2010

Instead of finding responsibilty here, one should work first on solution.
1. Check whether the defect is indeed exists.
2. If yes, check whether defect scenario is within testing scope.
3. If yes, check the requirement tracebility matrix whether such requirment is covered.
4. If yes, check whether corresponding test case exists.
5. If yes, then check whether enovirnment of client is same on which test is certified.
6. Prepare root cause analysis report.
Log the defect and work with Dev team for deployment the fix on production.


  • Jun 6th, 2010

Firstly, as some of the previous answers details..the defect should be closed at the earliest.
Post closure, RCA should be done.
Since the missed defect was subtle (delicate and mysterious)..The test team should incorporate through Requirement analysis, Peer review and demo  of the functionality / requirement to Analyst/ Business users.
These processes would flush out any ambiguity or Defeciencies in understanding of the requirement between Test team / Analyst and Business users.

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