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    Compile Multiple Cobol Program in Endevor

    Is there any way we can compile multiple Cobol program in endevor. I am working on request were there are multiple copy book changes so as program also to be compiled and their are many of them. There are lot of manual work required for this so just checking if any one can help me to automate this.


    Linking Informatica with Mobile Number

    I am planning to do a innovation (may be not) in my project. I do not know if its already there or not and I am not aware of that. I just want to get workflow status in my mobile. We use task to get details through same as I just want to get it in my mobile.


    Second year student mini projects

    I am a II year B.E.[ECE] student and i would like to do a mini project. but I'm unable to select a field first of please suggest me an easier field and a topic under which mini projects can be done and the corresponding references for that mini projects

    Himanshu Singh

    • Nov 11th, 2016

    If you are interested in computer science and Statistics, i will suggest you to go for Hadoop projects, but it requires to have good knowledge of some programming language (say Java) and Unix is must....


    • Aug 3rd, 2014

    I am a II year B .E . [ECE]
    student and i would like to do
    a mini project . but I m
    unable to select a field first
    of all. so please suggest me
    an easier field and a topic
    under which mini projects
    can be done and the
    corresponding references for
    that mini projects


    Design a Network for 500 Users

    You are an IT network consultant. You are tasked to design a network for a upcoming university for 500 users.

    i. Explain the variables that you would consider when coming up with the network design.

    ii. Explain how many network Host bits will the interior IP address have so as to be able to handle the 500 users as well as cater for future expansion.


    Matlab Code for Discrete Wavelet Transform

    How to write a matlab code for discrete wavelet transform? Does the syntax of matlab coding is same as C programming? My code is not working. I am writing a thesis at best essay writing services on denoising of satellite images using wavelet transform and bilateral filtering. Is wavelet transform is same as Fourier transform.


    Mobile Testing

    Hi, Can some one help me/share information on Mobile testing? I do not have experience working on mobile projects and my company is getting a new mobile project and I am the only tester for that project. Your inputs /information would help me.

    Rajashekhar Managoli

    • Aug 15th, 2016

    Let us know which IOS or ANDROID application? Is it web or desktop or hybrid application?


    Oracle Developer Activities

    What are the other activities, in terms of performance tuning, setting benchmarks, etc., that an Oracle developer can undertake from the Project execution standpoint?


    Last semester project help

    We have to make project in our last sem and im confused about it please guide me and the site that i should look into for information

    malde karmur

    • Feb 5th, 2015

    Concept for c++


    Upgrading Jboss web app server 4 to latest version

    Iam very new to jboss app server and using jboss app server 4.1.1 and want to upgrade to any latest version like 6 or 7.what’s the best process to perform i.e.i have seen that “copy the .rar and .war files” and these can’t make right scene to work .Advise me the Best process.Thank you


    Voice based steganography project

    i am mca final year student. Am doing voice based steganography project. I want to know any steganography algorithm for audio file. Pls send to me.


    • May 29th, 2006

    hai    u can use MD5 and SHA-1. They are simple and u can find them in google search easily. you will get the code also which you can download for your project.All the bestsundari


    B.SC Student Software testing advice

    hii have completed B'sc in (Physic's,Mathematics, Electronics)Pursuing software testing course at STC.presently working in call center.will i get job. and what will be the starting which automated tools shall i do my project(thinking about load runner)

    devanand rajput

    • Oct 27th, 2007

    If you have good communication or good strength & technical skills in the area of your interested. given your followup pl try to other job


    Project tips for java/j2ee/VC++

    Can anyone suggest me some good concepts that can be taken as a project of around a week or so in java/j2ee/VC++.i consider myself very good in theory/concepts but i would love to have some practical experience also.So if anyone can help me out or rather suggest me some good project idea to implement, i will be thankful to him/her.


    • Oct 25th, 2007

    I am planning to change my career into Software development(J2EE) from software testing. i have  lot of theory knowledge in java concepts,j2EE concepts(servlets,JSP,Struts). but problem is i don't ha...


    Java project advice for beginner


    • Feb 2nd, 2007

    Hi, Friend I am MCA student,now in sixth semester.So iam in the duration of project.Is it better to do in company or institute.I am campus selected person. In the month of july i hav to join.So plz giv any suggetion.bye friendshobha


    • Oct 7th, 2006

    Hi friend,  Now a day's Java is one of the best and top language.You select java to ur project.Really i appricate you.Try to do your application project in swing.Because Swing is one of the peak field in java.All the best for your project and colour full future.

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