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What are different weightages given for a Bug?

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Severity 1 -  Show stopper issue. In which case testing cannot be continued.
Severity 2 - Not a show stopper but can considerably damage the system which is under test
Severity 3 - Minor functionality issue which may not harm the application under test.
Severity 4 - very minor UI issue. may be seen only in some machines which are not recommended for the application under test


  • Feb 16th, 2011

Severity (Severity is Absolute ) 
Severity 1: Bug causes system crash or data loss.
Severity 2: Bug causes major functionality or other severe problems; product crashes in obscure cases.
Severity 3: Bug causes minor functionality problems, may affect "fit and finish".
Severity 4: Bug contains typos, unclear wording or error messages in low visibility fields.

Priority(Priority is Relative)
Priority 1: Must fix as soon as possible. Bug is blocking further progress in this area.
Priority 2: Should fix soon, before product release.
Priority 3: Fix if time; somewhat trivial. May be postponed. 

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