Combination Testing using All-Pairs Technique

How do you perform combination testing using the all-pairs technique? Please fully explain this process.

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All-pairs Testing or Pairwise Testing is a combinatorial software testing method that, for each pair of input parameters to a system (typically, a software algorithm), tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameters. This can be done with test vectors, by possible way of Input parameters to pass the form and identify the bug.

The reasoning behind all-pairs testing is this: the simplest bugs in a program are generally triggered by a single input parameter. The next simplest category of bugs consists of those dependent on interactions between pairs of parameters, which can be caught with all-pairs testing.

  • Bugs involving interactions between three or more parameters are progressively less common
  • At the same time being progressively more expensive to find by exhaustive testing, which has as its limit the exhaustive testing of all possible inputs.

A clear example below will illustrate this:

Suppose there is a Searching functionality is there in the application. wich search the result data with refined search filters. Key word Text Box, Category Drop down list box, Country Drop down list box, State Drop down list box, City Text box, Zip Code Text box. Or with Code Number Text box to search. Before test this search feature, tester should identify what the search will do (Condition) AND, OR. Pass the input as  single parameters and search and the output is observed. simillar ways the combination input parameter passing with AND/ OR condition cause bugs in the application. so by pass this various combination pairs and the bug is to identify.

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