Test Website for load/Stress/Performance

Is it feasible to test every website for load/Stress/Performance?
How load testing help to make site stable, on peak rush hours.

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Its purely depents up the Web application and the Specification mentioned in the SRS. If all those Testing methods mentioned means that should be conduct with different scenarios, Test cases. which can be normally done through by Load Performance Tools. Not every web application needs to be test for Performance,to make site stable, on peak rush hours Tunning is the best solution

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Performance Test is nothing but checking how the software peform`s otherwise how it fetches the answers to the user otherwords response time

Load Test : It is done to check whether how the software responses to the user when it used to the extreme limit

Streee Testing :It is done to check whether how the software responses to the user when it used more than the extreme limit and finding the response time bu putting under some pressure

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  • Dec 5th, 2010

Performance testing involves in determining the scalability and reliability of your application in peak hours of the business. Every website can be performance tested with the available production metrics. If the performance of any application degrades then it is suggested that the application need to be performance tested. With the available results and monitoring reports it can be analyzed where the application need to be improved to provide better performance results.

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