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  • Automating as 400 application

    Can someone guide me, how can I automate AS 400 Application through Selenium or any other specific tool is available to automate AS 400 application?

      Asked by: Manju
  • Dock audit

    What is dock audit?

      Asked by: aravind yadav
  • Gbs road bed

    Why do we use GSB road bed?

      Asked by: jibanjyotiroutray
  • Refrigeration cycle

    Which refrigeration cycle is used in Air conditioning system?

      Asked by: Manojkumar
  • Job after mba

    Hi I am an MCA graduate. I have passed out my course in 2014. I am not interested in software development field. Please suggest me better job options.

      Asked by: karthika
  • Using option explicit & format

    I am using the Format command with the GroupDigits option, but Option Explicit is seeing GroupDigits as an undefined variable. Ex. Option Explicit Dim...

      Asked by: Rick
  • Bcom fresher finance field career

    As a B.Com (Hons) graduate right now, what kind of job can I get or apply or in finance field (not accounting), and how to prepare themselves for the interview...

      Asked by: priyanka

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    Microsoft Free Books Full Versions

    Eric Ligman from Micrsoft has shared new free eBooks collection.  There are several books covers Share point, SQL Server , Windows and Visual Studio. These are available in pdf and mobile formats. Here is the books list. Free Microsoft eBooks Office & Office 365 Deployment guide for Office 2013 Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses: Help and...


    What Are Your Career Expectations?

    Was there a time in your life wherein you were expecting for something and it did not happen? It could be a pay raise or a promotion that you had anticipated for months only to find out later on that it wasn?t going to come true. These things are not something anyone would want to look forward to but nonetheless they are a common reality. If you don?t prepare yourself for such drawbacks, if you fail...


    Career Action Plan

    Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone who has decided to change careers, one thing you should never do without is a career action plan! Previously, I have discussed the importance of goal setting and making a career objective. I am hoping that at this point, you have already made or at least started on making your own.


    Tips for Effective Resume

    ?Your resume is a factual document about your history? says Marci Mahoney in her book Strategic Resumes. As a job seeker you are expected to use a resume that would apparently individualize you.


    Setting Your Career Goal and Objective

    Are you ready to plan your career goals and objectives? Previously we discussed about the importance of self-assessment then we proceeded to help you in listing down your career options. Whatever the career choices you have chosen to include in your list, most important thing you should have is a PLAN.

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