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  • Electrical engineering career change

    I have done engineering in electrical but i love coding and would want to work as software engineer but i dont have enough % to crack off campus drives,...

      Asked by: arwa
  • Cement requirement calculation

    How much cement and robosand calculated in 1 sq meter. 300*200*200 size brick? I want 1 sq meter, how many bricks and cement and robosand is required?

      Asked by: srinu
  • Test cases for non-mandatory fields

    Hi All, I have an web application to consider, where in i have all the tabs to check only for mandatory fields. This application will be used by high...

      Asked by: Prasanna kumari
  • Make a generic graph

    I want to make a generic graph to compare the number of count between log file and a load ready file for 8 different files in a single run in abinitio.Kindly...

      Asked by: Rabindra Behera
  • Vbscript sub procedure

    You can write Function procedure to return value and also you can write function procedure without returning value (if your function not returning any...

      Asked by: Prasanna

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