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  • How to determine carriageway width ?

    What are the deciding factors of carriageway width, specially low volume rural roads ? Is there any formula ? When to keep 3.75 m or 5.50 m carriageway...

      Asked by: ANUJ SHARMA
  • Testcases scenario based question

    There are 3000 Testcases out of which 1500 are automated and 1500 are manual. You have 3 resources and 1 week deadline to complete running these testcases....

      Asked by: Prerna Arora
  • Payment terms

    I have usually come across the payment terms like N30, N90, V30, V60, V90 SPEC and SPET N starts for Net. V ? and I have seen the terms on the PO screen...

      Asked by: Vikas
  • Baseline date

    At the time of invoice processing, for some payment terms like V terms, we manually enter baseline date like adding 10 days to the invoice date, scan...

      Asked by: Vikas
  • Vendor codes related queries

    Who creates and determines the vendor codes, to which the invoices are processed to, in the SAP? What are the scenarios, where we need buyer intervention...

      Asked by: Vikas

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