How can we develop Business Scenarios w.r.t software testing?

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If I understood ur question correctly u r asking how the Business scenario is developed when you are testing the software?
Then the anwer is , we have to always look int the business requirements to develop a scenario. A scenario can be a business process in ERP. It can be a Business interaction in case of the b2b testing and it can be a navigation sequence for the plane desktop app.

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Its a Massive work...... thinking and Creativity is very important to test the Software Application with Business Scenarios

for example
In an application there are n number of user who have 3 or more User types(Authorization) rights...

User Type A has several role with less access with less functionality
User Type B has several role with few more access and functionality than User A
User Type C has a Admin role with vast functionality

Now We apply for a Business Scenerio

Uaser C admin have the right to change the User A to User Type B.

To Ensure that now the User can get the role of B and should not get the role as A. he/she should able to login and get the rights of B. This changes should not affect the user functionlaity flow.

by checking and thiking like this we can develop Business Scenarios..

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Business scenarios are developed from the Business requirements/Use cases. We need to understand the business functions for the application from the Use cases/Business requirements/HLDs and then write the E2E business testing scenarios around it

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Most of the times Business Scenario's will be provided by the clients as they have detail knowledge on?the?application with respect to Business Transactions.

Coming to your question,?how can a tester develop?business scenarios with respect to software testing,?by having detailed knowledge on the application with respect to flow and functionality, designs, usecases and Business transactions.

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Creating a good business scenarios leads to good quality project, and they are useful in each and every stage of the project.

Steps to create the scenarios:

  1. Identifying, documenting, and ranking the problem driving the scenario
  2. Identifying the business and technical environment of the scenario and documenting it in scenario models
  3. Identifying and documenting desired objectives (the results of handling the problems successfully); get "SMART"
  4. Identifying the human actors (participants) and their place in the business model
  5. Identifying computer actors (computing elements) and their place in the technology model
  6. Identifying and documenting roles, responsibilities, and measures of success per actor; documenting the required scripts per actor, and the results of handling the situation
  7. Checking for "fitness-for-purpose" and refining only if necessary

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Thank you srinivasulub1981 for your enlightening answer. 

I have one question:

What problems are you referring to in item #1?

Identifying documenting and ranking the problem driving the scenario.

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