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What are the other skills than testing that a tester should have knowledge about?

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This are some of the Tester's skill rather thatn Testing
* He/she should be Optimistic.
* He/She should be Quick Learner.
* He/She should be flexible to new technology
* He/She should have Good Communication skill (Both Oral and Verbal)
* He/She should have creative & innovative thinking.
* He/She should be active in Team.

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  • Feb 12th, 2011

A Good Test Engineer should have following skills:
1. Great observation skills - Hypersensitivity to little things
2. Intelligence , Quick learing skills
3. Diligence - conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task
4. a 'TEST TO BREAK ' attitude
5. an ability to take the point of view of the customer
6. A strong desire for quality
7. An attention to detail
8. Basic programming skills
9. Judgement skills to assess high-risk areas of an application
10. Tolerance for chaos
11. Discipline (being organized)
12. Tactfulness and diplomacy to maintain a cooperative relationship with developers
13. People skills to communicate with both technical (developers) and non-technical (customers, management) people.

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1) Good knowledge about the domain he/she is working on
2) He/she should be a good observer
3) Should be able to identify where the number of errors found is maximum
4) Should have good communication skills which help him/her to represent the bug found in a more clean and appropriate way
5) Should not be rigid on the error he found, rather should look for the betterment of project and try to avoid of being a bottleneck
6) Should be diplomatic
7) Should be a quick learner

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  • Oct 27th, 2012

1. Good communication skills
2. Good analysation
3. Small amount of technical stuff
4. Sensitivity

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