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    Pentaho to Android


    I have developed the report in Pentaho and I want to download all the reports in my Android application that is already present on Play store... I want that when I go to Sales tab of that Application, my Pentaho report that I developed in Pentaho report designer should get downloaded. we have an Android developer with us.but someone can give me an idea to do that


    Do leave hours considered in effort variance calculation?

    I have a generic query related to Effort Variance.
    The formula says ((Planned Effort - Actual Effort) / Planned Effort)*100.

    So here if a resource had taken leave for 2 working days, do we consider that leave duration in Actual Effort or the calculation should exclude the leave hours?



    What does PDM stands for after the FTE- Full-time equialvent from job description.


    Which kind of Questions Usually Asked in Interview

    I am an experienced recruiter. I have 11 months experience in recruitment in BPO hiring. Now I just wanted to know that what should I prepare for an interview? It means which kind of questions they can ask as I am experienced recruiter.. Please help me out soon.


    Automating Mainframe Application

    I am a fresher and got an opportunity to automate the mainframe application which is accessed through citrix (like VPN). I am not getting which automation tool is best to automate mainframe application. I thought to use UiPath or QTP. Can anybody suggest which one is best to automate mainframe application. Or else is there any other tool that is useful for me?


    Mechanical Engineering from Ujjain Engineering college or Electronics and Communication Engineering from UIT RGPV Bhopal?

    Which is better mechanical engineering from Ujjain Engineering college or electronics and communication engineering from UIT RGPV Bhopal? I need to take loan and after 4 years I have to repay this loan myself+afford my all expenses that time myself. so that time I extremely need a good so which will be best option for me from both options. Which has more private jobs. ‘GRATEFUL FOR YOUR REPLY’


    Suggestions and Guidance for Career in Software QA and Testing

    Hello every one,
    I am new to this forum. I learnt manual testing. I am looking for jobs in this. But I am little bit exited to know what type of questions will be asked in the interview in relation to database testing, UAT/BAT. I need your suggestions and guidance for my career in software QA and testing.
    Thanks & Regards,


    Career in which stream is best for me?

    I am 3rd year mechanical engineering student. I had done Autocad software. Now I am doing CREO software, I want to know is my preparation is right for future scope for industrial working or should I do some other software which is present requirement by the industry?


    What can i do next?

    I finished science.
    Iam in confusion i can what to do next
    My frdz say me MCA or MBA but i would not like that ordinary courses.
    I want some interesting and different course for IT field at the same time that course to get the job easily.
    please i want your help immediately..............
    sorry the options are only for job oriented so i give some wrong...


    About Compiter hardware

    On my desktop computer screen in the right hand corner below message appears that local area connection network cable is unplugged what does it means & is there any harmfull effect to computer due to this message. if so then how to solve it.Please give your advice.


    I need your valuable advice regarding my carrer

    Hi Sir my self uday, i have completed my engineering in 2013 with 58 percentage, after that i got selected for company as a fresher. The company trained me in SAP ABAP for 6 months. After that
    they couldnt get any projects due to some issues and they are paying me the salaries too. its not about salaries and there no work in company
    so what shoud i do can i get a job in SAP ABAP with...


    Suggest on my Job Career

    Dear Sir/ Mam,
    I am M.Com PG, I have a Good Experience of 9 years in Audit and Accounts Field still i am getting CTC of around 3 lakhs. Most of the Experience in Audit sector only due to that i am struggling to get a suitable job. Kindly suggest how to overcome this problem and in which way i have to go for the bright career.

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