Which is the best model in testing?which model is used by most of the company's?

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  • Jan 3rd, 2007

'V' shape model describes about the process about the construting the application at a time all the Analysing, designing, coding and testing will be done at a time. i.e once coding finishes it'll go to tester to test for bugs if we got OK form tester we can immediately start coding after coding again send to tester he'll check for BUGS and will send back to programmer then he,programmer can finish up by implementing the project.
it is the model what is using by most of the companies.

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we cant say any one model is best.we decide the model based on the project  type and the time,budget and all.most  companies use  "refined v model".
Naresh Reddy

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The best model for testing depends on your company's 1) projects, 2) resources, 3) budget, and 4) time allotted for testing.   

What do you mean by most companies?  Most companies in a particular industry?  Most companies worldwide?  I don't think anyone truly knows the answer to this question.

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