Mission-Critical Defects

What would you do if you discovered that mission-critical defects had been missed by the test team and are now in production?

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As a Tester, i will notice and report the defect to the Test Lead and tell the importance of Critical severity level. Necessary Test Scenario(s), Test Step(s) has to be noted of the pointed defect.

As a Test Lead, I execute the Test Case and ensure the defect and reported the same to the Test Manager and tell about the severity level and their risks. i took necessary action to close the defect as early as possible. From tracker, i will trace the person, who execute the test case and will ask about the issue and ensure this should not happen again.

As a Test Manager, i Point out the defect to the Project Manager, developers, Customer/ Stackholders and tell about the situation we missed and takes neccessary steps to close the defect by update the releases with defect fixed  patches(with out affecting the Production)

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