Submitted Questions

  • Defect Report

    Write a defect report for this arithmetic issue. The program is supposed to add numbers properly and this is what you see:1+1=21+2=31+3=42+2=32+3=52+4=63+3=5Write a clear and concise description of the problem.

  • Trend Analysis

    What is trend analysis? How is it used in software testing? Provide three specific examples.

  • Integration Test

    The product is in its later stages of development and you are going to release the product within the next few test cycles. You are supposed to begin testing this afternoon. Several mission-critical defects have been fixed but the development team has not completed Integration Testing. Unexpected circumstances have pushed your resources to the edge of the test window and you will not be able to...

  • Enhancement Request

    Q1: What enhancement request are you are especially proud of?Q2: What type of product was it?Q3: How would your modification improve this product?Q4: Was it implemented?

  • Test Manager

    Does the Test Manager serve his manager or his test team? Discuss your rationale in your answer.

  • Maintaining Relationship

    You have been asked to attend a meeting with all of the company's product stakeholders to provide your test management expertise. During this meeting, the Project Manager (PM) indicates that there is no need to establish exit criteria for the project. You believe the exit criteria is necessary and offer valid reasons. For some reason, the PM appears to feel challenged by your statements and pushes...

  • Test Effort

    You have been hired into a small company where a hot-shot developer serves as business analyst and project manager on top of his development duties. He has undermined your efforts to create a worthwhile test management process over the past month. He refused to provide requirements and specifications for the product and is now delivering the first build for you to test. How do you handle this situation?

  • Defect Responsibility

    You have released a very complex product to production and customers are complaining that a particular functionality isn't working properly. Your test team had missed a subtle detail that is now producing a backlash from customers. Who is responsible for this oversight? What do you do about it?

  • Root Cause of Defect

    A product has released to production and customers are reporting significant problems with a particular functionality. You investigate the test suite to find a set of related test cases that have been reported as 'Pass'. What are the possible root causes when a defect is found in production and how would you handle each situation?

  • Mission-Critical Defects

    What would you do if you discovered that mission-critical defects had been missed by the test team and are now in production?

  • Product Delivery

    The product has undergone several unexpected changes during your previous test cycles and as a result there have been more test cycles than originally planned. Marketing has a firm deadline on which to announce this product to the public and upper management feels obligated to deliver on schedule. Nevertheless, your test team had discovered several priority 1 defects in the last test run and the...

  • Ad-hoc Testing

    Ad-hoc testing is performed when there are no requirements or specifications to draw upon. How well can you discover defects through ad-hoc testing?