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What is the percentage (%) of the testing efforts in SDLC?

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Its depends on highly Risk of the Project. Project Management Tools are available to calculate the different effort in different phases. The Percentage will vary accordance to the differnet type of projects and its risk.

Judgement skills are needed to assess high-risk or critical areas of an application on which to focus testing efforts when time is limited.

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The percentage of overall software development resources devoted to testing varies greatly based on the following factors:

1) VARIES BY INDUSTRY:  What are the ramifications if the program is released to the public with defects?  If errors can have potential life-threatening or financial consequences, the software will be tested more rigorously than those with lesser impact on human welfare.  For example, software that manages the targeting systems of guided missles will be tested more rigorously than the software that teaches your child how to spell.  It is safe to say that the percentage devoted to testing in the former case (missles) will likely exceed the percentage allocated to testing in the latter case (spelling). 

2) VARIES BY PROJECT:  How does the company producing this software regard this program?  How much revenue or cost-savings is tied to this program?  The greater the program's perceived value to the company, the greater the percentage of testing resources will be applied to it. 

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