How to prepare test data for DB testing? we need to analyse the relation among the tables with key constraints?

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For data Base testing it is necessary things are

1. Clear Understanding about the functional requirments of the Application

2. clear Understand about the backend tablese, views , stored procedures ...etc that are

 used in the application

3. the tester must have the knowledge in sql queries.

By following the above things the tester can test the DB whether the frontend grid are

effecting the backend tables or not

1. Tester should have the clear knowledge on application flow and the functionalities
2. Tester should know the SQL Queries
3. Tester should know both the Front End and Back end process of the Application
4. Tester should know the Desgin Level of the software, Date base, Tables, Constraints, Columns, Procedure, Functions, Relations etc..
5. Tested should know the key constraints such as Primary, Foreign, Candidate key etc...

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The answer to this question depends on the level at which the tester is expected to interact with the database.  If the tester is merely expected to enter specific data into certain text boxes in the application in order for developers (and not the tester) to analyze the back-end, then the process will be much different than if the tester were expected to enter queries and evaluate the database schema. 

If developers simply want the tester to enter specific data into text boxes so they can analyze relationships and constraints, then I suggest the tester sit down with them and discuss their needs.  On the other hand, if the tester is expected to analyze the database, then I agree with the other respondents to this question.  The tester will need to do the following:

1) Understand the functional requirements of the application as it relates to the database.

2) Understand how to use SQL queries

3) Understand the database schema associated with target functionalities

4) Understand the relationships between tables targeted for testing

5) Understand the constraints and foreign keys associated with tables targeted for testing

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