What are the two GUImap modes available in WinRunner?

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  • Nov 20th, 2006

The Two Modes available in Win Runner are two types.

Gobal Gui Map file:By default win runner maintains this Mode.

Gobal per test Mode:To Test the line by line of the application.

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The GUI Map File per Test Mode
In the GUI Map File per Test mode, WinRunner automatically creates a new GUI
map file for every new test you create. WinRunner automatically saves and opens
the GUI map file that corresponds to your test.

The Global GUI Map File Mode
In the Global GUI Map File mode, you can use a single GUI map for a group of
tests. When you work in the Global GUI Map File mode, you need to save the
information that WinRunner learns about the properties into a GUI map file. When
you run a test, you must load the appropriate GUI map file.

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