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Why V Model is used instead of waterfall and spiral? Explain advantages and disadvantages?

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The V-model is another way to conceptualize the software development process. This model is considered to be an extension of the Waterfall model. Instead of the development life cycle moving continually downward in a linear path like the Waterfall model this process moves downward until it reaches the coding stage whereupon it begins moving upward until it passes user acceptance. The significant difference between V- and Waterfall models is that the former includes well-defined Verification and Validation phases.

The Verification phases include:
1) Requirements analysis
2) System design
3) Architecture design and
4) Module design.

The Validation phases include:
1) Unit testing
2) Integration testing
3) System testing and
4) User acceptance testing.

ADVANTAGES Like the Waterfall model the V-model is easy to understand and provides a great deal of structure. This process requires much up-front planning in order to be effective. It relies on documentation which is approved and baselined. It is not possible to proceed to a particular phase until the previous phase has met its requirements. It is most suitable when requirements are stable and unchanging and when potential problems can be reasonably predicted. Beyond the basic Waterfall advantages the V-model presents verification and validation processes with more specificity than does the Waterfall model.

 DISADVANTAGES The model carries the same disadvantages as the Waterfall model. Like Waterfall some claim this model does not allow enough flexibility and that projects can't move forward at a satisfactory pace. Most companies that want to turn a profit don't want to spend too much time and effort in the planning stage. Not only that but most software projects are complex and often change requirements or make enhancement requests throughout the development life cycle.

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