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Do automated regression tests find the majority of defects? Explain your answer.

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No, Automated Regression test will not find the major bugs on the cycle. Regression Test is to ensure that the changes in the build should not affect the code. or other wise, Release the Product to ensure there is no defects/issues/bugs on the latest build.So Regression is not a process or method to find majority of the bugs/defect.The Regression is done after the majority of the bug is closed. So Automation Regression Testing is not a method to find major defects.

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Answer is No

Following are the major points why automated regression tests do not find the majority of defects

1. Automated regression test cases are executed just to make sure that new functionalities have not made any change in the existing functionalities.

2. Usually regression test cases are there to test the core functionality of software and most of the time developers make sure that they work.

3. Regression test cases will be subset of the test cases which were executed for last release i.e. if we have added 100 test cases for a enhancement made for a software we usually retain only 25 -30 test cases in regression suit.

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Regression Testing itself mean to verify whether the existing functionality is broken with changes in other areas of project.

Automated Regression Test verify the quality of software and it wont find any additional bugs in software.

Automated Regression Test wont find major bugs in the software.

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