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If you were running out of testing time on a project, what activities would you perform to reduce test time?

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This may occur due to the Show Stoppers in Various stages. This should be recorded and make them as Evidence.
Suppose if a Test case is to be execute with more than 8 steps and Test Resuls should be record after completed the last steps. Which took 20 or more min to cross the last steps. if there is any failure(hardware/exteranl) in between the steps means it makes a show stopper and to execute it again from first step.
So below are the some of the points to reduce the Test Time

1. Requirments, functional flows should be understand before test.
2. Test Environment should highly setup
3. Gathered documents should placed in centralized and should understandable


  • May 22nd, 2009

It is often a good practice when preparing the test case document, to add a column to mark the priority for each testcase. (identify testcases that MUST be tested- the major functionality cases). This allows the tester to easily perform the MOST important cases (high priority test cases) when testing time is reduced.

Inform the user what are tested by presenting a test report that marks the cases tested for easy identification of cases tested.

If you have time prior to starting testing, it will be a good practice to co operate with the developers to finialise the cases that MUST be tested. (As the developer knows what places have to be Importantly tested.

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  • Aug 26th, 2009

To reduce test time please follow the following points:
1. Understand scope of testing first.
2. Create effective test cases using s/w testing techniques.
3. Prioritize test cases.
4. Go for automation using any automation tool.

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In order to reduce test time,

1)  I would execute test cases from highest to lowest priority.  In this way, if we run out of time, we will have tested the most important functionalities.

2) I would ask the software engineers any combination of the following questions,
  a) "If you were testing this program, what areas would you test first?"
  b) "What functionalities do you feel are most susceptible to defects?"
  c) "If you were a tester and could test only one functionality before the software  was released to the public, which module or functionality would you test?"

3) I would ask members of the organization who have vested interest in the quality of the program (stakeholders such as the Business Analyst and/or Marketing):
 a) "At what level of quality are you willing to live with?"
 b) "Are there any functional areas of the program that you are unwilling to compromise?  If so, what are they?"

4) If the test team is unable to complete its testing, then all stakeholders would need to sign off on our limited test run.  If they do not agree, then time and resources will need to be allocated to complete the full test cycle. 

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