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What is Walk Through, Review and Inspection in Testing and Who does these? Explain with example

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In software engineering, a walkthrough or walk-through is a form of software peer review "in which a designer or programmer leads members of the development team and other interested parties through a software product, and the participants ask questions and make comments about possible errors, violation of development standards, and other problems".

"Software product" normally refers to some kind of technical document. As indicated by the IEEE definition, this might be a software design document or program source code, but use cases, business process definitions, test case specifications, and a variety of other technical documentation may also be walked through.

A walkthrough differs from software technical reviews in its openness of structure and its objective of familiarization. It differs from software inspection in its ability to suggest direct alterations to the product reviewed, its lack of a direct focus on training and process improvement, and its omission of process and product measurement.

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In s/w testing there are 3 reviews, they are :

Peer review or Informal review 
Semi-formal or Walk through review
Formal or Inspection review

This review is conducted by the author (tester).if he has any doubts he conducts this review. There is no documentation is done here.this is the normal one to one meeting.

In the review there is a pre-document is prepared .this includes the project manger ,tester & test manager.

This review is conducted by the mentor(project manger).all the incidents are planned and documented properly

Update me if I am incorrect

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There are 3 Reviews taken place in order to approve the test cases written by the tester.

1. Peer / Internal Review: Once the requirements are freezed, tester will write the test cases based on the FRD or TDD, In this phase either Team Lead or Other team member will verify whether the tester has given enough coverage or testcases or anything is missed

2. Walkthrough: In this phase Request Submitter, Release Manager, QA and DEV team will participate through a conference call; tester will read all the test cases written for that requirement and will discuss with Submitter of the Requirement regarding any clarifications or whether the test coverage is enough for that requirement

3. Final Review / Freezing the TCD: In this phase, tester will implement the feedback if any; taken from the Walkthrough or freezing the Test Case Document with the written cases.

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Reviews: - A document level testing technique during this review, the responsible
People are estimating the completeness & correctness of corresponding


There are 3 ways

i. Walk - through
ii. Inspection
iii. Peer Review

i. Walk through - Study a document from 1st line to last line
ii.Inspection - Search for a specific issue in a document (Without Intimation).
iii.Peer Review - Compare a document with other similar document.

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