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  • Interview procedure for Non-voice tech support

    Hello,Pls tell me the Interview procedure for technical support Non-voice at Mphasis. better if with sample questions.Thank you.

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    • Member Since May-2008 | Feb 12th, 2009

    You didn't mention you about qualification :

    By the way if you are graduate in B.E then it's 3 rounds and if you are non B.E graduate then it's 5 round.

    1 Personal Interview
    2 Typing speed (they used typing master software for checking speed)
    3 Aptitude (No maths Question & no verbal question, they will ask you about internet related technology, I will tell you about this later)
    4. Email Writing( They will give you some role and you have write mail. for example you are the Manager of BSNL and a customer repeatedly complaining about slow broadband, how will you write mail to him ?)
    5. HR(He can ask you about any thing like your hobbies. and he do check about your grammar and pronounciation)

    B.E graduates has not to give Round 2,4. I don't know why.

    Now about aptitude question :

    You have to give full form of abbrivated word like :
    http, html, ppp, smtp, pop, hdd, fdd, dsn, dns, CD-ROM, TCP/IP.

    2. what is the input device for computer ? (lol they will give option for that)

    3. IP is used for (They will give you option)

    4. 1 MB = how much KByte

    5. 1 KB = how much Byte

    One more thing, in final interview HR might tell you to write some thing on some topic.
    At my time HR told me to write on BLOG(which is my hobby)
    In that i did spelling mistake, instead of writing  'writing' i wrote 'writting'.


    • Jan 20th, 2017

    Malini.p: You might start your English improvement by knowing that the correct word for your comment is the adjective WEAK (not strong) instead of the noun WEEK (a period of 7 days)


    • Nov 1st, 2016

    Hi Tarun, this is Mj. Can you tell me what are the questions they will ask in the operational round ?