There is project earlier it was developed in VB then they had replaced the project by java and there is no documentation available then how you are going to check that project. (Hint: - Parallel Testing).

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This kind of Testing is called "Comparision-Testing". Wide spread of Testing knowledge and exerience makes the Tester to work on it. The Tester should explore the old application and get knowledge on it and make Test case for the same. The Same Test Case is executed once the site is migrated.

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i have been saying this many times that as a tester we should not care about the in which it has been developed only we have to check the application is ok for the client or not

now you know the actual requirements of the project with the help of this requirement you undergo test based on the new revised one

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Parallel testing isn't necessary for functional testing.  Customers don't care about the technologies used to produce the application.  They only care whether or not it works properly.  As long as the application meets functional requirements, testers can adequately test the product without parallel testing. 

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