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For what purpose step generator is used?

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  • Oct 7th, 2008

Step generator is Used to Break the Tests to perform proper testing results. infact this is the Process of debugging the Script by giving the Breaks . one can give the Breaks by only Step Generation


  • Oct 13th, 2008

As the name specify Step Generator, it is used to generate steps, for the particular action you want to perform in the test, it is used for generating steps in between the action. Therefore it saves time, instead of recording from the first, if we miss a single step. we can generate script for particular step.

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The Step Generator  helps you add steps that use test object methods, Utility object methods, and function calls, so that you do not need to memorize syntax or to be proficient in high-level VBScript. You can use the Step Generator from the Keyword View and also from the Expert View.

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The Step Generator enables you to add steps quickly and easily, by selecting from a range of context -sensitive options amd entering the required values. In the Step Generator dialog box you can define that use

* Test Object and Properties
* Utility Object methods and properties
* Calls to library functions, VBScript functions and internal script functions.

For Ex: You can add a step that checks that an object exists, or that stores the returned value of a method as an output value or as part of a conditional statement. You can parameterize any of the values in your step.

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