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Routing question

Asked By: 99kash99 | Asked On: Aug 30th, 2013

You attempt to ping a machine at ip and get nothing back. your host ip is: with on a /24 subnet the router has two interfaces (eth0) and (eth1) the remote machine has two interfaces (eth0) and (eth1) the routing table for...

Answered by: sonux on: Apr 10th, 2014

It is a default gateway configuration problem on remote computer.

Answered by: Enkidu on: Sep 4th, 2013

Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface UG 0 0 0 eth0 U 1000 0 0 eth1 What might be the problem an...

Higher order bits in ip class

Asked By: Arfat | Asked On: Dec 5th, 2013

Whats the use of higher-order bits in ip class addressing ? Like for class "a" its 0 class "b" its "10" and so on

Answered by: hemanshu trivedi on: Mar 1st, 2014

higher order bits are use to identify the default class of the subnet

What is protocol? How many types of protocols are there?

Asked By: prasadekonex | Asked On: Jul 23rd, 2007

Answered by: Upendra Kumar Patel on: Feb 25th, 2014

PROTOCOL-Protocol is the setup rulle that enaveles tow devices conect and transmit data to each other. Their are tow types of protocol.
1-conection oriented protocol.
2-conection less protocol.

Answered by: RAHUL on: Feb 7th, 2014

Protocol is an application,used to do communication between network. Two type Routing protocol. Routed protocol.

What is difference between layer 2 switch and layer 3 switch ?

Asked By: Dheeraj Choudhary | Asked On: Mar 13th, 2006

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 10th, 2014

layer 2 switch works on data link layer, and
layer 3 switch works on both data link and network layer

Answered by: bala on: Feb 2nd, 2014

L2 Works based on Data link layer and L3 switch works based on Network Layer

How is EIgrp better than ospf?

Asked By: Sunit Agarwal | Asked On: Jul 5th, 2007

EIgrp is better than osPF

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 7th, 2014

EIGRP, support unequal cost load balancing,it keep a backup path,this feature is not AVAILABLE IN OSPf

Answered by: Rahul on: May 11th, 2013

Eigrp creating secondary path or route for backup,convergent is fast.


Asked By: manojshetty | Asked On: May 31st, 2012

Can you define a computer network and also define the types of network.

Answered by: RAHUL on: Feb 7th, 2014

network, is a joining of two or more computer,in order to shared resources,
like hardware and software.
Type of network,

Answered by: raju kumar gupta on: Jan 11th, 2014

When the two or more computer is communicate to each other they can share data,folder and hardware resources like printer scanner fax is called network .there are many type of network from geographical area lan wan man pan etc.

Pe to pe is not reachable

Asked By: rakesh nair | Asked On: Feb 7th, 2014

What might be the reason if pe to pe is not reachable but ce to ce is reachable in mpls vpn

Why do we use subnet mask? What are its uses?

Asked By: Bashur | Asked On: Aug 25th, 2006

Answered by: rahul on: Sep 14th, 2013

Subnet mask is used for differentiate the network between network bit and host bit,
by using the subnet mask we know that the how many bit use for network and how many bit use for host

Answered by: Siva on: Jun 19th, 2013

Creating multiple indepedentnetworks from a single a network..

What is difference between public ip and priVATe ip?

Asked By: Goldie | Asked On: Sep 12th, 2006

Answered by: rahul on: Sep 14th, 2013

Public Ip, is Payable IP,which will be use by ISP,like tata,IDIA,which is reserved by iana,

Private IP, is not payable, which is used in network to join the computer with in the network ,just like lan (local area network) or

Answered by: world on: Apr 4th, 2013

An IP address is an Internet Protocol address. It is used to identify all the websites on the internet. Each IP address is unique and it is separated by periods. For example : . There are tw...

In tcp/ip udp is connection less , why?

Asked By: raju mahana | Asked On: Sep 30th, 2006

Answered by: rahul on: Sep 12th, 2013

Udp is connectionless network is used for small network,which less secure,no acknowledgement

Answered by: Goutham Shan on: May 27th, 2013

For fast transmission UDP is used as it does not require any ACK .

What is the printer registry file name?

Asked By: ramraje | Asked On: Mar 4th, 2011

Answered by: Manasi Suthar on: Sep 11th, 2013


Answered by: sankarpalla on: May 20th, 2011


What are the network monitoring tools? Like what tools do you use to monitor network connections?

Asked By: Ambi | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2006

Answered by: Deepan chakravarthi on: Jun 18th, 2013

Network monitoring tools are like which used to capture the network traces and packets. In that case there are several tools like, wire shark, ethereal etc.,

Answered by: Rahul Bhagare on: Apr 9th, 2013

Network Monitoring tools means, If your organization havinG Lease line like TaTa,Reliance etc,You prepared maintenance or monitor your lease line network through tools,

Network Monitoring tools E.G Whats UP Gold etc or Found on Internet.

What is a dns ? How it works ?

Asked By: Amol | Asked On: Mar 24th, 2006

Answered by: alok on: Jun 4th, 2013

DNS is a server for resolving the name or we can say name to IP address of the system in domain.

Answered by: Rahul on: May 11th, 2013

DNS means DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM,IT,works for converting name to IP address,and IP address to name,Conversion needs for user friendliness because user is difficult to keep in mind IP address of web sit...

If in a company with 80 computers with wireless network .All are using wireless internet.What is bandwidth per user?

Asked By: vijendra singh | Asked On: May 10th, 2006

Answered by: Goutham Shan on: May 27th, 2013

Wireless is always half duplex , unlike the LAN which is mostly full duplex now . You cant expect full speed from wireless that you are getting from your ISP . Adding to that its your wireless router specific also .

Answered by: Rahul on: Apr 9th, 2013

We cant calculate the bandwidth,of each PC,because ,if your lease line 100 mbps,depend communication is synchronous or asynchronous,depends on trafic,may be collision occurs,its totally depends on sp...

If printing is given print from two different computers in a network which one will be preferrenced first. Pcs are in domain first.

Asked By: sonimanish78 | Asked On: Jul 14th, 2007

Answered by: Goutham Shan on: May 27th, 2013

Printer sends SYN ACK which is the reply to the computer which sends the SYN first and then after the ACK from the computer it starts printing . In simple English FIFO

Answered by: Rahul on: Apr 9th, 2013

Depends on Priority given to the user or workstation,or not the priority assign then which workstation get media
free or which will hit the print first

Network delay

Asked By: preetibulbul | Asked On: Dec 29th, 2007

User(s) are complaining of delays when using the network. What would you do?

Answered by: Goutham Shan on: May 27th, 2013

We have to check the MTU , network traffic , loop connections , unwanted NATs , security rules like IPS and gateway

Answered by: Rahul on: Mar 30th, 2013

Virus Issue, Scan the Workstation by using antivirus,delete the Temporary file, cookies, History, Clear Cache,
On browser, Run less, Website.
Check the Patch code, crimping, I/o port crimping.

What is dhcp server?

Asked By: Rohit | Asked On: Aug 28th, 2007

Answered by: Rahul on: Apr 1st, 2013

DHCP server,is DYNAMIC HOST CONFIGURATION PROTOCOL, IN Dhcp server,we assign the Specific range,IP on address in Dhcp server,which work on DORA,process, D-discover O-offer R-RecIved A-Assign. means ...

Answered by: vinitogupta on: Mar 25th, 2009

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address and other related configuration information such a...

Encoding and modulation

Asked By: Mudasir | Asked On: Mar 10th, 2009

What are data encoding and modulation? How do they differ from one another?

Answered by: Rahul on: Apr 1st, 2013

Encoding means we hide the true identity,those identity is show by decoding,

Modulation means convention,signal changed, analog to digital,digital to analog.

Ip addresses

Asked By: sandeeprana23 | Asked On: Dec 16th, 2008

How many ip addresses we can give to a system that having windows XP professional ? And why ?

Answered by: Rahul on: Mar 30th, 2013

We assign two IP address in the Network for any Workstation.
For security, means to true Identity/

Answered by: vinitogupta on: Mar 25th, 2009

You can assign as many as IP Address to XP machine as much as NIC you have installed in your machine.

you can also team the NIC and assign single IP address to configure network traffice balancing for that particular machine's incoming or outgoing traffic requests.

Ip address over mac address

Asked By: shabo | Asked On: Jan 26th, 2009

Why we need ip address over mac address?

Answered by: Rahul on: Mar 30th, 2013

IP address 8 Bit address is divided into Network and Host,it is used to communicate into Network.
MAC address is 48 bit address and it, is a Unique address, Just like two ethernet card not having same MAC address, is not used in Network,only Physical Layer is used by this address.

Answered by: kumar.sikar on: May 5th, 2009

IP Address is the Address of a network which is given By network InfraStructure but MAC Address is already give on LAN Card Chip and it is not changable.

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