Testing Cycle and Testing Process

Explain what is testing cycle and testing process and what are stages involved in each?

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Testing cycle is nothing but test life cycle (STLC). In this we have requirements, test plan, test case designing, test case preparation and test execution.
Testing process means how to process the life cycle. In test management decides which software they are going to use(testing tools, middleware, communications,etc.,), how many testers do they need for the project, how much money they are going to spend etc.,
please correct me, if I am wrong.

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Testing Cycle: This is nothing but stags involved of complete testing

In general Testing cycle has following stages.

-> Req review
-> Test  case preparation
-> Test case execution
-> Result analysis
-> Reporting

Testing Process: This indicates how we are going to test an application

-> Unite testing
-> Module Testing
-> Integration Testing
-> System Testing
-> UAT

Next : Alpha and Beta

And then Regression testing if needs

Srinivas ( srinivasulub1981@gmail.com)

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  • May 22nd, 2009

Testing cycle is the way the testing stage is performed.

The Testing cycle is
as follows:
-Test case preparation.
-Test case review.
-Test case execution.
-Defect identification and reporting.
-Test Report.

Testing process
is a testing management kind of work. As the term goes:
TESTING (the test action to be performed on a product) and PROCESS (the planning done to perform testing)
So it starts before the testing commences. The person responsible for the testing process should work along with the development team from the time of estimation prepared for the product to know what is the estimation, understand the environment and get the required details for the set up, identify test person skills and identify and train people prior to testing commences, and preparing, monitoring testing schedule and work with the testing team to understand the product status and report on the testing status. So testing process is somewhat equivalent to the development process.

Testing life cycle involves

1. Test plan preparation
2. Test case design
Test case execution
4. Test log preparation
5. Defect traction
Report writing

Test plan preparation :it contains the test objective, test goal, roles and
responsibilities, communication approach, risk analysis etc.

Test case design: Designing test case id
Test case execution: Executing the tests
Test log preparation: Filling up the tests which got pass and failed states
Defect tracking: Filling up the failed tests
Report writing:
Prepare a detailed report

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A testing process refers to all of the activities that a test team employs to complete a particular test project.  It is another way of referring to the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).  The stages of a testing process are: 1) Test planning, 2) Test development, 3) Test execution, 4) Test reporting, 5) Test result analysis, 6) Defect retesting, 7) Regression testing, and 8) Test closure.

A testing cycle represents one of many iterations of testing during a particular test project. It is sometimes called a "test cycle" or "test run".  It denotes the span of time when a test team receives a new software build to the time the test results are reported to revelant stakeholders.   The stages of a testing cycle is simply a subset of those found under the testing process:  1) Test execution, 2) Test reporting, 3) Defect retesting, 4) Regression testing, and 5) Test closure.

Test Cycle- Refers as the Test Run/Test Iteration. The Life span between the new build received for testing to the test result reports to the Stack holders/Client. Test Cycle is a a sub of Testing Process
1)Test execution
2) Test reporting
3) Defect retesting
4) Regression testing
5) Test closure.

Testing Process-its also called STLC. it refers as activity that follows in the particular project

The stages are
1) Test planning
2) Test development
3) Test execution
4) Test reporting
5) Test result analysis
6) Defect retesting
 7) Regression testing and 8) Test closure.


  • Nov 16th, 2011

mathan_vel and kurtz182 have given correct answers for 'test cycle.' It is the iteration not the test life cycle!

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