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GeekInterview Online Testing - A pure geek quiz is designed to awake and rediscover the geek within you. This light version of Geek Interview Quiz is presented to you in a simple and easy format that enables you to improve your effectiveness and efficiency to prepare for interviews and certification exams. You can test your knowledge from our vast question bank and get prepared to crack interviews confidently and successfully. GeekInterview Quiz results includes analysis packed with graphs and information. GeekInterview Quiz will test your knowledge and intelligence on various technical and aptitude interview related topics to see how smart you are and assesses your performance which helps you analyse your strong and week areas.

Check out these quiz and tell your friends to take them too! If you have an idea/requirement for a quiz on any technology please send an email / post a message and let us know. Some of the questions are user submitted. These may have incorrect answers and we do not guarantee for its accuracy. If you find any question answers that are incorrect, please use Contact Us Form to send the test name, questions and correct answers along with explanation to correct it.

GeekInterview Quiz offers a comprehensive suite of online tools and practice questions. GeekInterview Quiz Labs has formulated a test designed to assess the following major types of intelligence.

  • Classification Skills - The ability to organize collections of items by finding similarities and differences between them.
  • Mock Interviews - Mock interviews are based on Interview Questions. Each interview includes the description, practice interview questions, answer tips, and interview question resources.
  • Logical Reasoning - The ability to make deductions that lead rationally to a certain conclusion.
  • Pattern Recognition - The ability to see order in a chaotic environment; the primary condition for life.
  • Technical Quiz - A very good indicator of Techincal skills and ability.
  • Verbal, Mathematical Skills - Computational Speed, short term memory and visual apprehension are the other major aspects of your intelligence which are fully examined in this test.

Your free results include analysis packed with graphs, information, statistics, advice, and career tips!

These may have incorrect answers and we do not guarantee for its accuracy.  If you find any question / answers to be incorrect, please use Contact Us Form to send the test name, questions and correct answers along with explanation to correct it.  If you would like to share the questions from your interview like multiple choice, one word answers , true or false questions. You need to take the test multiple times to answer all the questions available.

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NOTE: In order to get correct result, please start only one quiz at a time, finish the quiz and then take another quiz.

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Java Practice TestJava80% 97     8940     Challenge
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Job Interview QuizCareer Quiz80% 12     1505     Challenge
JSP Practice TestJava80% 99     5810     Challenge
Leadership Traits QuizCareer Quiz80% 19     227     Challenge
Management QuizCareer Quiz80% 23     150     Challenge
Networking BasicsNetworking80% 136     7944     Challenge
Numerical Reasoning (Beginner-I)Brain Quiz80% 25     5609     Challenge
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PHP QuizTechnology80% 30     3532     Challenge
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