What is a test scenario and test condition. What is the basic difference between the two ?

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  • Mar 20th, 2007

Test scenario is the flow of  the data from one end to another end ,
but the test condition is one which willl denote the condition of the test i.e whether it is passedor failed,or the test is still under the processing.


  • Mar 22nd, 2007

In Test Scenario we identify what feature we have to test but test codition tells about what are the condition like valid and invalid test data during testing.

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Test Scenario: scenario under which( Test Environment like Automated, Simualted or real time) we need to test.

Test Condition: This is something like only under these set of Values we can perform a particular  test case.


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Test case is a set test inputs,execution conditions,expected result...etc developed for particular 
objective(For testing of particular product)...whereas
test Scenario is set of all test cases or scripts and sequences in which they are to be fallowed.

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Test scenarios are the list of test actions to take place which are prepared from the BRS/SRS Documents And Test cases are derived or implemented from the list of test Scenarios with in detail and with test procedure to conduct.

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Test Scenario:
Test Scenario is hypothetical story to help a person think through a complex problem or system for a testing environment. The ideal scenario has five key characteristics: it is (a) a story that is (b) motivating, (c) credible, (d) complex, and (e) easy to evaluate.
i.e) Flow of Data from one end to another end

Test Condtion:
Test Condition is nothing but which is mentioned in the Test Steps. which might be a Pre-Condition/Post-condtion.
for example: If a Search Field displayes the List of Search results
Pre-Condition: The Search should display Search results(Records displayed in tables)
Post-Condition: Records should display in next page if the searched results contains more than 10/20 records

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