What is comprehensive testing?

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krishna srujan

  • Apr 15th, 2006

It is a type of compatibility testing conducted for s/w and H/w specifications.

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  • Sep 5th, 2007

Comprehensive testing is all types of testing rather than sanity or smoke testing.
After receving the build from the developers tester first do the sanity or smoke (depends organisation) for estimate the stability of the basic functionalities. After completion of that above testing test engineers'll concentrate on comprehensive testing is that Functional and Specification testing(usability, functionality, performance and security).

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Comprehensive Testing is a SUT(System Under Test). All the things to be tested in this method.
* Unit Testing.(Integrated)
* Functional Testing/ Regression Testing
* Non Functioal Testing(Load,Stress,Usability)
* Compatable Testing (Browser,OS)
* Portocol Testing(Network, IP Testing)

Application / System should be tested in all this kind of methods called Comprehensive testing.

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