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Hover craft mechanism

Asked By: manivannan24 | Asked On: Jan 5th, 2009

Under which mechanism does hover craft work?

Answered by: samy saad on: Oct 22nd, 2014

Chassis of car made from?

Answered by: Usman Adil on: Jan 26th, 2009

Principle:Air friction is very much less than friction between two solid surfaces..Hover crafts have big fans under its basement facing the ground, these fans are rotated at a very high speed which pu...

Production and manufacturing

Asked By: khaleelkhanp | Asked On: Nov 17th, 2008

What is the difference between production and manufacturing

Answered by: gowri on: Oct 14th, 2014

Production is an term denoting the activity performed right procuring raw material to finally packing and sending it to the receiver end.

manufacturing is an term denoting a particular process like machining, shaping etc

Answered by: Ola on: Aug 9th, 2014

Production is the process of converting input into output using the required resources sourced internally and to ensure quality outcome in converting input resources into output product. While on t...

How many types of gear boxes are there?

Asked By: aidan_suzlon | Asked On: Jul 16th, 2008

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Answered by: bala

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Member Since Nov-2005 | Answered On : Aug 2nd, 2008

Thare are 4 types of gear box.
1. sliding mesh gear box.
2.constant mesh gear box.
3.synchromesh gear box.
4.planetarty gear box.

Answered by: sandeep patil777 on: Oct 12th, 2014

There are generally four types of gearbox

1)synchromesh type
2)constant mesh type
3)sliding mesh type
4)epicyclic or planetary type

Answered by: Subrat... on: Oct 9th, 2014

1. Sliding mesh
2. Constant mesh.
3 . Synchro mesh.
4. Epicycle gear box....

Sigma comperator optical systems

Asked By: relaxshadow | Asked On: Apr 26th, 2008

Explain about calibration method of sigma comparator optical systems ?

Answered by: subrat on: Oct 9th, 2014

Sigma comparator is used to comparison between measurement of object or device...

Pully size

Asked By: aidan_suzlon | Asked On: Jul 16th, 2008

How to found pully size? How many type off pully? Why we used pully?

Answered by: subrat on: Oct 9th, 2014

Pulley is used for torque transmission from one shaft to another shaft .. If the shafts are parallel to each other. We use pulley for easy to transfer torque through the belt or chain.. Thank you

Answered by: vrsaikumar on: Nov 3rd, 2008

Uses: Pulleys are one of the types of transmission devices which are used for transmitting power from 1 shaft to another shaft with the help of belts of ropes. Types of pulleys: 1. Cast iron pulleys2...

Go-kart design

Asked By: Sai Koushik | Asked On: Oct 2nd, 2014

Is the design of go-kart is equivalent to a car? How a go-kart is differ from it??

How do you cut square section in lathe?

Asked By: Vishwas | Asked On: Nov 22nd, 2011

Answered by: viji on: Sep 26th, 2014

Fix the piece in four jaw chuck perpendicular to the axis of lathe and move the tool same as for facing the round piece then the piece became round.

Answered by: ashraf ali on: Aug 30th, 2014

Cannot be cut on lathe

What is meant by carburetor

Asked By: Dinesh Choudhary | Asked On: Sep 27th, 2013

Answered by: arun on: Sep 19th, 2014

Carburetor is mainly used to mix petrol with air in the atomized form

Answered by: kathiravan on: Jul 5th, 2014

a carburetor is a device to mix the air-fuel and allows to the cylinder.not only it is used to mix the air-fuel,it also give correct ratio of air-fuel mixture to the cylinder. the ratios are 1). lean...

Pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder

Asked By: tulasi.sagarapu | Asked On: Sep 18th, 2014

Is pneumatic cylinder used as a hydraulic cylinder, if so how?

Ss 316 specification of hardness

Asked By: RAKESH SHAH | Asked On: Jul 20th, 2011

How many 5 m dia hardness in bhn of 316 material we are facing the problem in machining & tolling not work properly

Answered by: Bikash Choudhuri on: Sep 3rd, 2014

Stainless steel 300 series 16% chromium main content

Answered by: M kashif on: Jan 20th, 2013

Why are we written SS-316 what is meaning of 3,1,and 6 please send me in detail answer

Pressure v/s stress

Asked By: vrsaikumar | Asked On: Jun 25th, 2009

Though units for pressure and stress are same (i.E n/mm2)what is the difference between stress and pressure?

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Answered by: abhishank

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Member Since Jun-2009 | Answered On : Jun 28th, 2009

Stress is restoring force developed in the body due to any tensile, compressive or any other force per unit area and on the other hand pressure is force applied on a body per unit area.

Answered by: swadhapriya ghosh on: Sep 2nd, 2014

Stress is worked in solid metal or means of any m/c,. but pressure works in fluid mechanics.

Answered by: kamlesh431 on: Jul 24th, 2014

When we applied load per unit area that is pressure And internal resistance (i.e. reaction due to applied force) per unit area is Stress.

It means pressure is due to externally applied force and stress is due to internal reaction(that will be a force) due to that applied force.

Bending moment diagram for a udl

Asked By: yogi333 | Asked On: Dec 10th, 2007

Bending moment diagram for a udl in cantilever beam.A. Parabolab. Trianglec. Rectangle

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Answered by: ramanan33

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Member Since Jun-2008 | Answered On : Jun 8th, 2008


Answered by: prasad walujkar on: Sep 1st, 2014


Answered by: san on: Aug 29th, 2014


What is the exact difference between refrigerator and a air conditioner ?

Asked By: Vignesh Sri | Asked On: Sep 6th, 2011

Answered by: anil joshi on: Aug 28th, 2014

AC does not work in open cycle.. The flow of coolant is closed in ac as well as in refrigerator ... Domestic refrigerators as well as AC work on vapor compression cycles .. electrolux made the first r...

Answered by: bhavik on: Aug 25th, 2014

Above ans is right but another difference is in AC we have to control some other parameters like air motion, air quality,humidity ets while we don't do that in refrigeration

Meaning of numerology on spanners and wrenches

Asked By: kamlesh431 | Asked On: Jul 18th, 2014

When I see any spanner then always there is a number on its ends, like 10,11,12... what is the exact meaning of that numbers?

Answered by: kamlesh431 on: Aug 20th, 2014

It means If a nut have M10 size then we will use that wrench which have 10 on their arm.

But M10 means internal dia. of nut is 10 mm, its outer portion that is hexagonal not 10 mm.

Answered by: DHAVALSINH PARMAR on: Jul 23rd, 2014

This number is used because it is show that, which size of bolt or nut is opened by this spanner or in other words the number is show that only this size of nut or bolt is tight and open by it.

Lathe and milling machines

Asked By: sanjaymanral | Asked On: Aug 14th, 2010

What is the difference between lathe & milling machine? What are the operations that we cannot perform in lathe but milling?

Answered by: ravi patel on: Aug 8th, 2014

In Lathe, the job will be rotating, tool is stationery. While in milling machine job is stationery and the tool is rotating.

Answered by: ADIRAJ C K on: Jul 12th, 2014


What is a stroke? What is the unit of stroke?

Asked By: Raja | Asked On: Jun 26th, 2007

Answered by: ravi patel on: Aug 8th, 2014

Iqbal, the unit of kinematic viscosity is stoke not stroke. Stroke is the distance traveled between the two extreme positions, in case of a piston it is the distance traveled by the piston from BDC to TDC.

Answered by: AJISH NAIR on: Jul 30th, 2014

Iqbal, the unit of kinematic viscosity is stoke not stroke. Stroke is the distance traveled between the two extreme positions, in case of a piston it is the distance traveled by the piston from BDC to TDC.

Carrier question

Asked By: suryadeepak | Asked On: Jul 7th, 2012

My name is surya and I recently completed my b.Tech in mechanical engineering as a fresher I have so many roots to start my career in the relevant field .In that I have selected some opportunities and has 1) in design field 2) in power plants construction field 3) in qc i.E in pipe inspection and...

Answered by: prachi jain on: Aug 4th, 2014

Hello sir, my name is Prachi I complete B.Sc in microbiology.sir I am not intested in M.Sc ,what I do . Tell me some information in clinical research laboratory & MBA life scince best collage and how ...

Answered by: Rakesh k on: Aug 7th, 2012

dear friend, first of all you have to think that in which field you have more interest. A field in which you have much interest, definitely you will do better there. In my view, pipe inspection (quali...

Calculating heat transfer through a cylinder

Asked By: sdoustdar | Asked On: Jul 2nd, 2014

How do you calculate the heat transfer thorough a cylinder with lower temperature on the bottom than on the top. The temperature of the ambient is 20 deg c, inside is 77 deg k, the bottom disk is 5 deg c. What would be the temp on the top?

Answered by: Akshay Kulkarni on: Aug 4th, 2014

No formula at all.

Hint : Considering the effect of pressure difference with density, for a cylinder, it is not possible to have low temp. at the bottom part than at the topmost part.

So, the question asked here to check the basic knowledge about the fluid properties.

Petrol engine

Asked By: Basky | Asked On: Jul 3rd, 2009

What happen if we pour petrol in diesel engine and vice versa? Explain

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Answered by: richa tiwari

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Member Since Aug-2009 | Answered On : Aug 30th, 2009

When petrol is used in diesel engine, the engine will not work as gasoline (petrol) has high ignition temperature and therefore has to be ignited by spark-ignition. Diesel engine on the other hand works on the principal of self-ignition in compressed fuel which is not possible with petrol.

When diesel is used in petrol engine, there will be sudden combustion in the fuel due to spark ignition  bcoz diesel has low ignition temperature. This will lead to high knocking, which is absolutely undesirable.

Answered by: kamlesh431 on: Jul 24th, 2014

The compression ratio of petrol engine is 10:1 to 14:1 and for diesel engine is 16:1 to 22:1. If petrol is poured in diesel engine a blast may happen at this high compression ratio. So we cant use pe...

Answered by: richa tiwari on: Aug 30th, 2009

When petrol is used in diesel engine, the engine will not work as gasoline (petrol) has high ignition temperature and therefore has to be ignited by spark-ignition. Diesel engine on the other hand wo...

What is npsh?

Asked By: Mahmoud Hussien | Asked On: Jul 6th, 2014

Answered by: sushil on: Jul 14th, 2014


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