What is the term load in wireless testing?

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There is nothing like load testing in wireless environment. Few things u can check is load all the applications existing in the mobile with the data to maximum limit and then check by making/receiving calls.

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Its giving enough load to the process. Suppose a user using the wireles interface for communication, which it is many-many communicator.

1. Check the interface behaves once another communicator is in request(make a call to a
interface, which is busy in communcating with another interface).

2. Check the Wireless interface performance on invoking the another application( Reminder, Alaram invoked on call, Message received, low battery ect..)


  • Nov 21st, 2011

@Sujatha Reddy - I very much disagree with your answer.

Adding more to "mathan_vel" answer..

Load testing while testing wireless devices or network is one of the very important aspects of mobile handset testing. Loading testing is done to check performance of the mobile device. Therefore load testing and performance testing go hand in hand as with PC based applications.

- Techniques involve varying the load impedance seen by a device under test (DUT) while measuring its performance. Measured parameters including but not limited to - power, sensitivity, throughput, BER, current drain, gain, efficiency, harmonic power, inter-modulation distortion, error vector magnitude, adjacent
channel power.

- Check mobile performance by using different other handset to connect to the DUT (device under test) via bluetooth.

- Send SMS or videos to 10+ cell phone #s at a time and check the response times etc.

- Change frequency and check receptions, uploading/downloading files/apps or sending SMS or picture messages.

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