If a bug you have produced is not repetative each time, what you will do to convince the developer?

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  • Nov 22nd, 2006

Its important to capture screenshots during testing, this ensures not only capturing a  defect but also gives chance for review later and comapare it to the production environment.

A bug might be rejected as irreproducible as the parameters used by the tester and the deveoper might be different.

To ensure this, Follow this

Clearly explain steps you did for the defect to occur.

Attach screenshots.

Capture the entry-point parameters, or the HTML/XML  page.

All the above three will help the developer reproduce the defect.

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  • Nov 26th, 2006

It is important to know that a bug need not be systematic. Infact the developers know by now that a substantial amount of bugs in their application may just be frequent or rare (if not systematic). So the best way to convince them is to show a proof (like screen shot or the logs) when it occurs.So the important tip is that whenever we execute tests that are likely (based on past knowledge on the application) to fail, ensure that you capture error screens and logs for all tests (even if you know they will pass as you are never sure).

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A bug need not be systematically reproducible. You just need to have a proof (something like screen captured and also logs if possible). Tip: Do not lose hope when you are unable to reproduce a bug which you are sure can occur any time. Always bugs that are not easily reproducible have a tendency --> Try all n! possiblities of different configurations possible for different options in the application. (Needs some time and patience) but may just click somewhere. I am sure!

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  • Dec 22nd, 2006

In addition you can also check the log files and report it to the developer.

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Jagan Mohan Rao

  • Sep 2nd, 2007

As per your question it seems that the defect is not reproducing at every time at testing environment itself. so in such a
situation you have to do research on the application. i.e. two to three team members should do the same scenario to duplicate the issue at all systems and we have to take the time. i.e. if it is happening for
every one hour then we need to open an environment defect stating that not able to
reproducible at every time but it is happening for every one hour. and each and every time when you got this defect take the screen shot and
upload those screen shots to the defect. It will gives the clear idea at what time you are getting the defect.

Jagan Moahn Rao. Y

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