Test Data Setup

How do you set up test data?

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Its depends up on the Project and the module form post. For Some Projects the Test data setup is simple as they pass through by manual parameters(entered by users). for some projects like Finance,Credit basis Domain, the Test data setup is gathered from Client (Both Valid and Invalid). For some complicated Projects like iprocurement xml post form post needs XML tags as Test setup.
So for different projects with different environment the Test Data Setup is different. Its all depends

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Test data set up is depends on the requirements, and i can be done with Equivalance partitioning and Boundary value analysis, in some cases client can give the data for the users, mostly testers needs to be prepared the test data and it's not pre defines, by seeing the application we must have think as for what data application can failed to raise the issue and it all depends on Exp of the tester.


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