Upgrade and New Versions

What are upgrade and new versions of project? what is the difference between them?

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Upgrade Version: Generally softwares maintain version numbers to track the functionalities available in the particular version. If the software is used after long time, in this gap if there are some updations to the software invariably which also upgrades the software.It asks for an upgrade next time if we are trying to use the software.

New Versions: New version means if the software is downloaded/launched for the first time.

A version is a number assigned to a software package having a particular set of functionalities. The authors of the software or application keep on removing previous bugs & adding new features to the applications and the newer application is marked with a newer number called version. If there is a small change the version number is increased by a decimal point. If there is a larger change in the application, the version number is incremented by the whole number. Most of the applications have the feature to check if the higher version of that application is available on the internet. If the higher version of application is available on the internet, we can uninstall the lower version & install the higher version of the application. At times we need not uninstall the lower version of the application and some patch or driver is available installing which the application acquires the functionality of higher version & the application shows the version number of the higher version application. So a complete version of application is a complete software package which can be installed independently. An upgrade is not a complete software package which can work on its own.

Upgrade is nothing but we can add extra features. Those features can able to do in the application. which can be maintained through by Upgrade version number.

Version is nothing releasing the Software Version with patch works.which is maintained through Version numbers.


  • Jun 19th, 2009

If a application is having some new features or Going to implement then we can say that it is Upgrading and if Development team want to implement that as a new Version, Then We can say that as new version 


  • Jul 18th, 2009

Upgrade fixing some production bugs and also Change requests or Enhancement requests to the current version . E.g. Vistas SP1 is an upgrade to the Vistas. Whereas New Versions means making major modifications to the current product e.g. Windows 7 is a new version of OS.


  • Aug 31st, 2009

The question is not very clear. Upgrade - an action - is updating the software from 'old version' to 'new version'.

New version is the updated software with or without new functionalities.

New version of software may be for either or all of the following

-New functionality/feature
-Old functionalities with more stability / robustness
-Increased performance
-Support to additional platforms

There may be Major upgrade and minor upgrade.

Release of Major version (with high number of changes when compared to old version) is called Major version and updating the existing software with the major version is called Major upgrade.

Release of minorversion (with less signigicant changes when compared to old version) is called Minorversion and updating the existing software with the minor version is called minor upgrade.

An upgrade refers to the replacement of a product with a newer version of that same product.  A software upgrade can be major or minor and the release version is increased accordingly.  A major upgrade will change the version number, whereas the minor will usually follow with a ".01", ".02", ".03", etc. 

A version is the assignment of a unique version name or number to a unique state of a software application. Within a given version number category (major or minor), these numbers are generally assigned in increasing order and correspond to new developments in the software. At a fine-grained level, revision control is often used for keeping track of incrementally different versions of computer software.

EXAMPLE:  Version 5.02 of a software means that this software has evolved to its 5th version and has undergone its second minor upgrade during version 5.  In commercial software, the minor upgrades (or updates) are generally free, but the major versions must be purchased. 

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