Importance of Test Data

What is the importance of test data while testing the application?

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The test data is very important in testing an application.

1.  By giving test inputs , the application can be checked for data & field validations.
2. Giving invalid/negative test data as inputs the application can be checked for error handling.
3. Some times giving exceptional test data , blocks the page functionality (e.g. after submit it can give u a BLANK page) or can give a critical error like :
if password data is entered for logging in,if it shows up in the URL then it is a CRTICAL bug.

Do ask if more explanation is needed.!!  :)

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*Test data is the Input feed for Testing the Application.
*To feed the test data to check that the outputs are derived correct.
*Test Data varied for different scenarios in testing(valid/invalid)
*While defining the Test data might be useful for other users/developers that what the system gave for the given inputs.
*Test Data help the developers to find the problem during fixes.

Entire quality of an application is depends upon the Test data given while testing , as how many sets and types of data we have used in our testing.

If a tester executed the application with a proper set of test data then there would be no issues and we can give assurance for quality up to 90%.


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  • Aug 27th, 2009

Test data is base of the desired quality of the functionality of the software.

If test data is not correct, expected result can not be obtained effectively as only partial results will be obtained.

For Example:  If a field accepts name of the employee then test data could be:
1. ashish ks
2. ashish234
3. --ashish
4.  as@#$asd
5. 12ashish
5. ash   ish
6. ?ashish
7. "ashish"
8. 'ashish'  etc..

So if we skip any of the test data then probably we have missed possibility of getting bug.

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  • Sep 14th, 2009

Test data is used for validating the application.
Valid test data will result in to valid actions.  It is used for positive testing for the proper functionality of the application as per the Requirement Specification.
The Valid test data is also used for pulling out the proper results like reports can be checked against the valid test data.
Test data should be meaning full. 
Invalid test data will result into invalid outputs.
Test data should be related to the functionality.  E.g. if a application stores the Name and Address of the students.  The test data should be the valid address like pincode, state, city etc...  You can also use the garbage data for address lines but that will be meaning less.

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