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What more status can you give to a test case other than pass, fail, not run & blocked?

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after finding the bug..first we have to give NEW status..
then after QA consolidation..he will alot OPEn status
he will assign to corresponding developer
after fixation of the bug he will give the statusa VERIFIED
after finilizing the bug developer send to testing team
if the bug is really geniun w e have to give the status CLOSE
if not properly rectify..then we should give the status REOPEN......

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  • Jul 17th, 2008

There are Some bug Status
   Very 1st :  NEW
            2nd :  Open
             3rd :  Verified
             4th:    Rejected
              5th:   Differed

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When you run the test case and found a defect (deviation from expected result), then you raise it and update the test case, with the summary of the defect and indicate the defect number, and mark the test case as fail


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  • Oct 3rd, 2008

The Bug status will be differed based on the bug tracking tool used. For example: If the JIRA is used the bug status will be,
Open ->In Process -> Resolved ->Closed
(or) If the same bug happens again in application, the bug status will be,
Reopened -> Resolved ->Closed
This is chain process continued untill the bug is fixed.

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  • Nov 20th, 2008

Deferred, postponned, retest,
there are many words based on your bug tracking system and SDLC methodology.

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We have the following Status in Bugzilla Tools like Open -> Assigned (Has been Assigned to the Developer) -> Fixed/Resolved(After the Developer fixes the issue  -> Verified(after the Tester Verifies).
And also if the bug is Reopened, the status is Reopen instead of Open.

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Bug status can be identified based on the following status:

Retest [Reraised - if defect is still NOT fixed properly]

If the bug could NOT be fixed and have been agreed for fix in next testing phase  then the bug status could be:


If it is NOT the actual defect then the bug status would be:


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New->Opened->Differed (bug fixes in next build)

These are the different bug status in the Bug Life Cycle.

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Apart from Pass, Fail, not run, and blocked status, we can also give status like

Under Assessment
Fixed or Fixed for verification

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NEW - When we have created the bug for the First time
OPEN - When dev team accepts the bug
ASSIGNED - When the dev manager assigns the bug to the concerned developer
RESOLVED - When the developer resolves the bug
FIXED - When the bug is fixed

FUNCTIONS AS DESIGNED - Any functionality which is not understood by the tester properly, which means the funationality is as expected but the tester assumes it as a bug due to lack of some technical concepts.

NOT REPRODUCIBLE - If the defect is not reproducible by the developer

DEFERRED - If the bug is valid but which is of lower importance for the current release and can be taken into the next release.

REJECTED - If the dev team rejects the bug.

CLOSED - Once the QA verifies the bug and closes it.

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  • Aug 12th, 2009

The question is ambiguous

Is it about the different statuses of bug or different statuses of test cases?

Since 'Pass','Fail' and 'Blocked' belongs to test cases and not w.r.t bugs, I assume it is for test cases.

For test cases, other than pass,fail, blocked, we can have status like

-Planned (For this release)
-Not Planned (For this release)
-Not yet executed
-N/A (Not applicable)
-Yet to be reviewed

and much more,

But these are all possible only if we use a simple spreadsheet for creating test case, if we use tool, then we have to go according to tool standard (otherwise, if we change the schema of the test managemetn database)

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  • Dec 8th, 2009


  1. Could not reproduce: If developer is not able to reproduce the bug by the steps given in bug report by QA then developer can mark the bug as “CNR”.
  2. Need more information: If developer is not clear about the bug reproduce steps provided by QA to reproduce the bug and then he/she can mark it as “Need more information”.
  3. New
  4. Deferred
  5. Assigned
  6. Resolved
  7. Reopen
  8. Closed
  9. Rejected

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A test case can have the following statuses during test case execution:

1) Run - Pass
2) Run - Fail
3) Not Run
4) Blocked
5) Not Complete

Test cases that have 'Not Complete' status were abandoned and not fully executed.

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  • Jan 17th, 2010

Bug status
Pending closure
Closed or Reopened

What more status can you give to a test case other than pass, fail, not run & blocked?

Unable to test - Due to a blocking issue
Defered - Not in the scope of execution or Not in the scope of the release

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As per BugZila tool Bug Status can be

1. WontFix
2. NoLongerValid
3. Diffred
4. Invalid
5. Retest
6. Verified
7. reopened
8. New
9. Open
10. Assigned
11. Fixed
12. UnderReview
13. NeedsClarrification 
14. Intest

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  • Jun 30th, 2010

Apart from all the mentioned options "Deffered" can ba a status. It means that that defect is valid and can not be fixed in this release and is made deffered for the next release. 


  • Feb 16th, 2011

Not Elected: If the Feature against which the test cases are developed is de scoped from the current release.

Deleted: If the test case is developed and uploaded to TFS Bugzilla Test Director and during review Test lead decides that the test case is invalid An existing testing case which is no longer valid due to a CR.

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  • Aug 25th, 2011

Functional Pass!!

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  • Sep 9th, 2011

Nit Completed

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  • Sep 15th, 2011

If the bug status set by developer is either 'Need more info' or Fixed then QA responds with specific action. If bug is fixed then QA verifies the bug

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  • Sep 17th, 2011

1) Duplicate
2) Invalid
3) Deferred

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Please clarify is this question to all readers is this question related to Test case status or Bug status. Because Heading is Bug status but in the question asked on Test case Status

Test Case Status/Result : pass, fail, not run, NA ...

Bug Status: New, Open, Fixed, Closed, Reopen, Differed, Hold, Rejected, As per Design

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  • Oct 20th, 2011

The header for this question is "BUG Status" and then you proceeded to ask a test case status question. You have posted in the wrong thread type and your question is also flawed!

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  • Oct 21st, 2011

1. new bug
2. open bug
3. review bug.
4. not bug (.close bug)
5. Duplicate bug (.close bug)
6. Not important(.deferred)
7. is it bug. (.assigned to developer)
9. Close.

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  • Nov 2nd, 2011

The defect status are:







NEW:- When t.e Find defect they mail to dev.team with the defect details and defect no,and they put STATUS=NEW.

ASSIGNED:- HERE the D.M takes a call and he assigned the defect to the developer based on the no.of defects present,no.of critical issues and the dev.put STATUS=ASSIGNED.

DEVELOPEMENT IN PROGRESS:-once the dev starts working on the defect then status is DEV.IN PROGRESS.

DEVELOPEMENT COMPLETE:-once the dev. fix the defect then status is dev.complete

AWIATING TEST:once the dev.complete then he put the defect in testing queue.and the dev put status is AWIATING TEST.

TESTING IN PROGRESS:the build/make team takes the defect from configuration management (cofig) tool and they prepare build and gave to testing team for retesting the code

CLOSED:once the defect is fix
REOPEN:if the defect is n't fix.

REJECT:- the defect raised by the testing team is rejected by the dev.team then status is rEJECT.


1.if the T.E understand the req wrongly and have this issue is communicated with dev.team

ex:the req is 1+1=2 but the t.e understand 1+1=11.

2. if the dev understand the req(defect) wrongly and have this issue is communicated to t.e.

3.if the dev unable to replicate the issue due to the time consuming then the status is REJECTED.
these issues are fixed in impacted modules.

NEED MORE INFO:- IF the information provided by the testing eng is n't quite enough to replicate the issue in dev.envi then status is NEED MORE INFO.

ex:if the t.e put defect is unable to see the WELCOME msg (admin) but the dev.understand WELCOME msg displayed in user module here mis communication is happened.

->in these situations the t.e need to provide more detail.

1.the t.e need to provide BUILD DETAILS.

2.the t.e need to provide envi.detials

3.he provide screen shots
4.he provide log files

5.the appropiate testing data need to provide.

6.the t.e try with another comp.and he report to developer.

7.web cofierence/video confierence


1.IF the same issue is reported by diff testing eng.

ex:TE1 says the remaindermails are n't coming to inbox and defect id is 123.

TE2 says when i send mails and i m n't unable to recieve msgs. and defect id is 124.

in this situation the dev takes a call and he put the defects are same and id 123 is first i get so,124 is get duplicated and dev. canceled it.

2.IF THE issue same but navigation is different.

ex:te1 says when iclick on lookup icon it is n't working while i navigate throuh x-y-z

te2 says when i click on lookup icon the lookup window is n't appeared while i navigate throuh p-q-r.


ex:if the defects are raised bcoz of failure .

HERE the D.M takes a call n he says when the dev fix one defect,the another defect automacally fixed.so.it is comes under DUPLICATE.

it is n't a critical issue and the defect is fixed in next release then the(dev) status deffered.


1.the app tech.n't allowing to fix due to the technology limitation.

2.the time taken for fixing issue is more due to time limitation

3.as the defect in core engiene of the product we can have it to be left out as the changes might impact the whole functionality of app.


EX: I have path field with lookup icon feature .when i click on lookup icon the lookup window appers and i selected one path at that time one DROPDOWN box is appeared at run time.
and next time i deleted path and i press lookup icon the lookup window appears and the entire page going to refresh and the dropdown box is deleted.

this is the process for DROPDOWN BOX APPears at runtime only.

this process may inconvient to user so, the T.E PUT A REQUEST CAN U CHANGE THE APPERENCE(in RTE).

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  • Jun 11th, 2013

Below are the statuses in JIRA tool...

In Progress
Cannot Reproduce
Wont Fix
OPENED Change Request

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