Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality of the chair and it’s durability

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  • Aug 19th, 2008

Verifiy the four legs of chair - functionality
Verify the load of the chair - load
Verify the good color of the chair - GUI
These are the qualities.

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Verify the Chair function check. (Functionality Testing)
Check the Chair load.(with overload) (Performance Testing)
Check the chair legs.
Check the chair appearance and color.

The Quality of the chair is check by the made and the life.

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1. Check whether the chair is very comfortable to take rest
2. Check whether the chair is available in your favourite colour
3. Check whether the chair is made up of plastic or wood
4. Check it has got wheels on bottom to move from one to other place
5. Check whether it has got some extra addins to stretch on back
6. Check whether it has got any seating adjustment to make height or low
7. Check whether the chair seat has got some air space to flow of air
8. Check whether the chair has got enough space to be seat with fat or thin
9. Check whether the chair is upto your price
10. Check whether the chair is very attractive

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Read the statement above as though it is a requirement.  It states:

"Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality of the chair and its durability."

What are the requirements?  To answer this question, look for specific details that are testable.  In my opinion, the requirements are:

1) It must be a chair
2) It must be durable and last for 10 years.

That's it.  This requirement says nothing about how this chair should look or how comfortable it should be when you sit in it.  When the requirement asks to "check the quality" this is far too vague.  What does 'check the quality' actually mean? 

I would discuss this vague requirement with the business analyst, but for now I don't have that luxury.  

Anyway, I will assume whomever wrote the requirement wants me to verify typical qualities that people expect from chairs.  Consequently, here are my test cases:

1) Verify that it has a functional design which enables a single person to comfortably sit on it.
2) Verify it was made for no more than one person to sit on.
3) Verify that a person can lean back and place full weight on the upright portion of the chair, take all pressure off the abdominal muscles and relax.
Place [X] amount of pressure on the chair over [Y] amount of time under the most harmful environmental conditions associated with raw materials that create its form (wood, cushions, etc) as well as materials that hold it together (nails, glue, dovetail, etc.).  Pay particular attention to stress points on the chair.  Verify that the chair continues to perform its function.  Do this on the 1) seat of the chair, 2) each leg of the chair (if it has legs), and 3) the back of the chair, and any other stress point that could weaken over time. 

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