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Hi Fail,
Before writiing test case to GPS (Global Position System). Tester should know about the domain knowledge and should know about the Requirment document. With out knowing this user can do test in adhoc way. which is tedious. GPS is big Domain application. You should familiar about this domain and generate Test cases according to the Modules involved.
According to my point fo view. we cant able to write as much of Test cases here........

Best Regards

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Global Positioning System

It is a device used to identify the site (place) which you want to know. For
example if you are at Vadapalani signal and you want to go to Vadapalani Bus
Terminus you have to enter the bus terminus. the level indicator shows the path
to the end point and it directs you if you are deviating to the incorrect path.
You may see this in some commercial advertisements and in English films but it
is normally used in telecom field to erect tower from their network.

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  • Jan 30th, 2014

GPS - Global Positioning System

GPS is fully depends up on the Latitude and Longitude of the place/object. Each static place/Object is defined with the latitude and longitude range. Based up on the logic the From place and To place will be calculated.
Ex: Google Map

Test Case we can written based on the requirement, acceptance criteria.

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Buneesh Kumar

  • Jan 19th, 2015

Hi Mathan_vel, I need your help, I want some test cases for gps location tracking system

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